SMOK GX2/4 Kit Review

SMOK GX2/4 Kit Review

The SMOK GX2/4 is a secluded vaping gadget that permits you to change from a double battery arrangement to a quad-battery one with the straightforward press of a button. The GX 2/4 pack is a crate mod unit from SMOK that offers clients the alternative of double 18650 and quad-18650 execution. The GX 2/4 mod is combined with the TFV8 Big Baby tank, which has a limit of 5 mL (2 mL in the EU). The mod powers are up to 220 watts with two 18650 batteries. By supplanting the battery cover, the client can add two extra 18650s to the pack, expanding battery life and greatest wattage up to 350 watts. The GX 2/4 unit accompanies two loops to begin you off: the Q2 with the opposition of 0.4 ohms, and the T8, at 0.15 ohm. The mod is wide enough for every one of the 25 mm attys without overhang.


The GX2/4 units are, for the most part liberated from any catch clatter. The paintwork helps to remember the G320 unit; it's a powder covering instead of an anodized finish. It holds up in a way that is better than on some past SMOK item. The terminating bar traverses the length of the mod. It's a comparative plan to the bar on the Skyhook RDTA box and the H-Priv. It has a short toss; however, it does not have a tick or any genuine spring to it.

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Both battery boards pivot into position at the top and are held set up by a catch discharge on the underside of the mod. As a double 18650 mod, the GX2/4 is pretty damn thin. It packs two batteries into a structure factor about a similar width as the iStick Pico. The battery entryway fits properly, and the double 18650 mod fits pleasantly in hand. The quad-18650 form is significantly bulkier. It sports a jewel moulded structure factor like the Reuleaux RX 200, however, with added width and profundity. This is a major mod that won't fit all hands easily.

The menu, show, and inherent highlights are basically indistinguishable, and even the force yield of the GX2/4 is a similar 220W of the SMOK Alien. The square 0.9-inch screen gives all the data one might need, from the mode you're vaping into the wattage/temperature, battery life, just as continuous voltage, atomizer opposition, created amps, puff counter, puff clock, and even the temperature of the board. The gleaming completion is unique in relation to what SMOK has been utilizing on its mods before. It's shiny; however, it doesn't transform the mod into a unique mark magnet, which is acceptable.

In wattage mode, the GX2/4 is somewhat in a way that is better than the Alien, despite the fact that they share a similar chip. The first Alien had a slight postpone when squeezing the terminating bar. It was later fixed through a firmware update, yet with the organization's new secluded gadget, you don't need to hang tight for a fix since it fires in a flash.

Mods and performance:

There's no rejecting that the TFV8 Big Baby is a flexible tank. It has a lot of curls, just as an RBA centre available. Rip around 60 W on the 0.4-ohm loop. It's a reliable, if parched entertainer, the TFV8. The Big Baby adds a touch of heave to the plan, fits more squeeze, and accepts similar loops as the Baby Beast. EU clients will get a changed, 2 mL adaptation of the tank. The performance, or all the more explicitly, the force yield, additionally relies upon mode arrangement. The double battery GX/2/4 has the greatest force yield of 220W; with the extra and two additional batteries, the yield bounces right to 350W, much the same as that of the SMOK GX350.

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What's more, this is the thing that makes this unit unique that, as opposed to purchasing two incredible vaping gadgets independently, you get them in a similar bundle, alongside the opportunity to switch between them at whatever point you like.


  • Simple to utilize
  • Natural menu usefulness
  • Combined with a flexible and well-known tank
  • Decent structure factor (in double 18650 modes)
  • Quad-18650 is a considerable weapon in road battle


The GX2/4 pack accompanies all the fundamentals to begin vaping. A crease out fast beginning aide accompanies the pack, a guarantee card, and battery wellbeing cautioning. You get a decision of two curls, the 0.4 and 0.15-ohm variations in the TFV8 Baby family. The mod comes preassembled in double 18650 modes.

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