SMOK Mag Review

SMOK Mag Review

So quite recently, I purchased the new vaping sensation from Smok called the Smok Mag, and in this article, I am going to share my personal experience regarding this stylish mod, and it might help you in choosing the right device to make your experience exciting.

Smok Mag is basically an upgraded version of the renowned Smok Alien mod that became widely popular since it was released in 2016. Smok Mag features a most distinct and futuristic design that resembles a gun handle and also has a trigger for a fire button. The batteries pop out of the bottom of this mod just like the magazine in a gun. So this mod has an exciting design with features that sets it apart from other devices in the market. It comes in 25 exciting colours, and there are left and right-hand versions available too!

Key features

I was really attracted to this mod at first sight as it has a distinct design that you might have never seen before. This gun styled mod fits really nicely inside the hand and provided a firm and comfortable grip that is very ergonomic.

I must say that they did a great job on the paint as it is subtle and decent. There is also a silver button to eject the batteries out, just like a gun magazine. I found the menus and layouts similar to other Smok mods, so it was easy for me to use this device. Another cool feature that I loved is the edition of modes like TCR mode, temperature control mode that utilized Ni200, SS, and Ti. Also, this mod provides you with three different preheat options that are soft, normal, and hard.

Atomizer performance

I used this mod with various atomizers, and its performance level was immaculate. It has a 510 centre that can easily adjust even a 28 mm atomizer without any overhang. This mod is about 30 mm wide, but it still looks cool and decent. The 510 platform doesn't sit straight on the mod and is slightly angled, and the 510 pin is level. This provides a strong connection for the atomizer and avoids any overhang.

Zero button rattle

I have been using this device for over two weeks now, and I hardly had any misfire or button rattle. The buttons are smooth and clicky. The fire button is also quite large and sticks up from the top platform, which makes it easy to press.

Bright colour screen

I really loved the colour screen on this mod. It is bright and vivid, plus it has a standard size that clearly displays all the settings and modes. The default background is black, but you have the option to change the menu colours to make it more exciting. It also has individual battery monitors displaying your battery levels.

Ejectable battery door

The battery door is another cool feature of this mod, and it is not something that you'll witness every day. It is designed to pop out just like a gun magazine as soon as you press the button. It is clearly labelled with the correct battery orientation and tightly locks it, preventing battery rattle.

My vaping experience

I really loved the way this device works. As I am a regular Smok user, so it was quite easy for me to operate it. Five clicks on the fire button turn the device on. Three clicks will take you straight to the menu. You can scroll through the menu by pressing up and down buttons and can select a setting by pressing the fire button.

The wattage on this device is very accurate. I mostly used it at low levels. It is the best at a 0.15-ohm resistance level or higher. This device can go up to a maximum wattage of 225 watts in seconds. There is also a temperature control mode that helps to prevent dry hits at high-temperature levels. The puff was consistent on this device throughout, no matter what the wattage range was. Still, I believe that they need some improvement in the temperature control department as if you take it above 400 F, it starts to deliver dry hits.

Overall, my experience was quite good on this device. It really sets up the hype and level of Smok. The design and performance are excellent, and the flavour quality is beyond explanation. It is a high power mode that will deliver you the best smoke clouds you'll ever see. So, If you are looking for a high tech mod to really take your vaping to a whole new level, I will definitely recommend the Smok Mag mod as it will not disappoint you!

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