Smok Nord Pod 2 Kit Review

Smok Nord Pod 2 Kit Review

In this article, I am going to review the famous Nord kit by Smok. I recently purchased this device and was enthralled by the fluid capacity that it offers. It features a tank that can hold about 4.5 ml of e-liquid inside. I really love the mouthpiece attached to the tank as it offers a smooth draw, also constricted, which really helps in the mouth to lung vaping.

Coils and tank specifications

Smok Nord kit comes with 0.4-ohm coils. I found these RPM coils excellent as they were really suitable or sub-ohm aping and hardly burned my throat at high wattages. I also received a secondary tank with my kit. This tank also has a 4ml capacity and contains 0.8-ohm coils. It features a side-fill system that is quite easy to use. It also prevented any sort of leakage while refilling. These 0.8-ohm coils are designed or mouth lung vaping.

My experience with coils and tank

I experienced smooth throat hits at each inhale, and the flavour also mixed really well. The tanks are also easy to fit and remove. They feature press-fit technology. The transparent design enabled me to view my liquid levels easily.

One drawback that I noticed regarding these tanks was that they did not include any airflow adjustment ring. Therefore I was stuck with the default airflow, which was pretty good, actually, but still, sometimes you wish to change the airflow. The default airflow was medium, and it provided a restricted sort of lung hit.

Overall Shape

Another thing that I did not like about these Nord 2 mods is the shape. They are slightly thicker as compared to the regular Nord Pods, whereas I prefer slim pods. Still, I kind of liked the resin-like body that provided a durable zinc alloy finish.

Battery Capacity and indicators

 These pods are equipped with a highly powerful 1500mah battery. The battery life is indicated by a LED light indicator that is displayed right in the centre of this device. . Smok Nord 2 Kit does not include a type C charging which kind of a drawback for me as I do not prefer a micro USB cable.

Perfect for mouth to lung vaping

Now talking about the vaping style, I personally prefer restricted lung hits. That is the reason why I love these Smok Nord 2 kits because they feature a wide mouth that provided a smooth vaping experience. I also wish that there was an airflow adjustment in this kit, especially for the mouth to lung coils. I vaped it with the Nord coil inside that features 0.8ohm resistance from mouth to lung. I put tapes on both sides of the airflow, but still, it was a quite loose vape. There are people who prefer loose MTL vapes, and they will love this device, but for me personally, I wish that they had an adjustable airflow ring of some sort. If you are a fan of Nord coils, you are going to enjoy these pods as they work extremely well with the Nord coils. If you like the RPM coils, you can always purchase those coils and can use them inside these pods for mouth to lung vaping.

Smart LED screen

I really love the fact that these tiny mods actually have a display screen on the side. Five clicks on the firing button will turn the LED screen on. The LED screen displays your wattage, voltage, ohm load, battery percentage and puff count.

My Vaping experience and overall views

Now talking about my experience with the MTL, I used them with Nord Coils that have a maximum wattage of 14 Watts. They offered too much airflow, whereas I like restricted MTL. As I said, I put tapes on the side, but still, it was a loose MTL which I personally do not prefer. The flavour, however, was totally amazing. I also tried the Nord 2 pod device with RPM coils that provide a maximum wattage of 23 Watts. Instantly I witnessed dense smoke clouds on the exhale. The smoke production was quite significant for a portable pod device like this. I also like the flavour intake and flavour quality. I do want to mention that I witnessed some buzzing sound from these pods.

Overall this new Smok Nord Kit 2 beats the original Nord in all possible ways featuring more liquid capacity, a larger battery, regular wattage with a screen and an option to use RPM or regular Nord coils. It is a nice upgrade, also charges faster than the original one. It is perfect for people who prefer a portable body style. MTL, though, needs some airflow adjustments, but still, the flavour on both coils is excellent, the display screen is wide and easy to read, and above all, it has exceptional battery power.

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