Smok Nord Pod Kit Review by UK Vaper Store

Smok Nord Pod Kit Review by UK Vaper Store

The Nord kit by Smok is an all in one device that comes with an MTL coil head and also a mesh sub-ohm coil, and an 1100 milli-ampere battery. Inside the box, you are going to have a user manual along with a warranty card. The Smok Nord device comes in a bunch of different colour combinations. The body has a honeycomb design on it. The box also includes a USB charging kit and two coil heads. One is the 1.4 ohm MTL coil head, and then the other is the mesh coil head, and it is called Nord mesh.

The Nord mesh coil head is slightly lighter and is only 0.6 ohm. This is a push-button device, and a single button is incorporated on one side of the tank. You have a micro USB charging port at the bottom. The liquid level inside the pod can easily be seen through a little transparent window. This helps in keeping a check on the flavour levels. The pod has a press-fit design and can easily be pulled off to change Kor to refill the liquid flavour. The mouthpiece inside the pod is fairly large. The juice, when added to the tank, takes time to set and prime.

You can fill it with 3ml of liquid, and it is a fairly large fill port. To turn the Nord kit on, you just need to click the fire button five times. After that, the tank is activated. Press the fire button again to inhale the flavour. The button also displays the battery percentage. This is done by clicking it two times. The battery is displayed with the help of 3 colours. Each colour indicates three different battery levels

  • Green colour indicates the battery percentage above 70 per cent
  • Orange colour indicates battery percentage ranging from 30 to 70 per cent
  • Red colour indicates battery below 30 per cent

The power button also has different in-built protections. It has got 8-second shut-off protection and also short circuit protection. Thus it is not a completely unregulated device.

I bought this vape kit almost a month ago, and I would like to share my views and experience on this one. I tried both the 1.4-ohm coils as well as the mesh coils. The 1.4-ohm coil showed a fairly loose MTL and a little bit less airflow. They were heated quickly, and the flavour started hitting the throat. I tried it at a lighter temperature, too, but it was still hitting my throat. On the other hand, the vape seemed more satisfying when I switched to the Nord coil.

This is because the tank remained mild and did not hit my throat fast. The flavour also seemed to blend very nicely. I smoked with that coil the whole day, and it never hit my throat or caused coughing. But if you compare the battery power and flavour capacity, then the 1.4-ohm coils are a lot bigger than the mesh coils. They also incorporated more fluid, and the fluid also lasted a long time. As far as the draw on mesh coil goes, it is a restricted lung hit but also quite satisfying and fairly warm too.

The Smok Nord kit had a fairly large mouthpiece. If you look at it compared to other similar devices, it is quite large. If you have a small mouth like me, it is going to be a problem for you.

The one drawback that I had with this particular vaping device is that it had no adjustable airflow. You cannot change the wattage, so you are stuck with the airflow setting that it gives you, as well as you are also stuck with the wattage settings that it gives you.

Now discussing the build quality of these devices, they are fairly lightweight, and the body has a beautiful texture. They look fairly aesthetic and vibrant. You have got a honeycomb design with a bit of fleck paint job on it, but still, it is pretty simple and adult-like. Easy to grip and feel very light on your hands.

The flavour on these smoke machines felt really nice. They had those vertical coils in there, and those felt really close to my mouth when smoking. So I felt the complete burst of flavour in my taste buds. It felt quite soothing, and I could feel every single droplet of flavour. It is very, very flavourful, and that is because the coils are too close to your mouth.

Now talking about smoke clouds, my experience with the smoke cloud has been quite satisfying with this device. I experienced denser smoke clouds which were clear and foggy. I could easily perform my smoke tricks in the outdoors.

As far as my experience with the battery life goes, if you are using the MTL coil with higher milligram nicotine, you should last through a whole day; with the 1100 milliampere batteries, it was not a problem. But I did not get through the whole day using the 0.6-ohm mesh coils. The batteries charged quickly, and it took me almost an hour and a half to fully charge them.

I am someone who likes restricted lung hit vapers. But if I want something super stealthy, I would be fine with using these Smok Nord kits throughout the day. It provided me with more than enough flavour to last a long time. The vaping experience felt quite smooth. It had enough vapour and denser smoke than other similar devices that I have tried. I am more impressed than I thought I would be as far as the mesh coil goes.

But as far as the MTL coil goes, it is a pretty warm vape. The only thing that I wish, compared to my style of vaping, is that the MTL coil draw was a little bit tighter. But you can always switch to a ceramic coil as there are plenty of them available in the market. Those coils will provide a tighter draw. Overall my experience with the Smok Nord kit was nice.

I think that it is a real nice balance between a good amount of battery life and still being really pocketable. It is nice to hold in the hands. The button is easy to press, and I usually just thumb fire, and it works effectively. I am impressed with his device, and I think it is a quite satisfying vape.

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