Smok R-Kiss Kit Review 2020 - Pros & Cons?

Smok R-Kiss Kit Review 2020 - Pros & Cons?

Smok R-Kiss Kit Review

Smok R-kiss is the smallest vaping mod by SMOK to accumulate dual 18650 batteries! That’s right! This portable mod can provide the power of two 18650 batteries to enhance the vaping experience and in order to maximize vapour and smoke production. I recently got my hands on this powerful vaping mods, and today I would like to share my personal experience and my views on this device.

This mod is definitely different from all the other new products that Smok has been introducing in recent times. It has a brand new UI technology and has new features that we are going to highlight in front of you.


Smok R-Kiss is a dual 18650 device that can operate at a maximum wattage range of 200W. This device comes with a TSV mini tank, and you can get this in a few different colours to make your mod more exciting!


Let’s dig inside the box real quick, and I will share what this device comes with. This tiny mod comes with a user manual that provides complete guidance related to the functioning of your mod. Along with that, there is a USB charging cable and some extra o-rings for your seal. We also receive an extra coil along with the packaging and an extra tanks.

Tank and coils

Talking about the tanks, Smok R-Kiss comes with a TFV mini tank that has European specifications. This tank has a 2ml e-liquid holding capacity, whereas the US version can hold up to 5mls of e-liquid. This tank features an adjustable airflow to facilitate your draw and to toggle between mouth to lung and direct lung style vaping. You can easily unscrew the tank, and inside you will find mesh coils. This single mesh coil features a resistance of 0.17 ohm. It provides the optimum performance at a wattage range of 110W to 130W. This is a quite magnificent mesh coil that is designed for excellent heat resistivity at high wattages. It also helps in preventing any sort of spit backs and is quite effective for sub-ohm vaping. Smok R-Kiss also comes with a 0.2-ohm coil that can operate effectively at a wattage range of 85W to 105W. This coil is a dual rectangular mesh type coil that provides a large surface area and wide wicking ports to maintain smooth airflow and to avoid harsh throat hits.

Design and Function

The Smok Alien was the previous smallest dual 18650 mod that I was using. I also used another Smok device called the Specie that was a bit smaller compared to the Smok Alien mod. After using the Smok R-Kiss and comparing the size of this mod with previous mods that I was using, I find this dual 18650 device a more convenient and portable option. Smok R-Kiss features a spring-loaded 510 tip on the top. I tried the triple V tank on top of it and witnessed minimal overhang. This 26mm tank felt good over this small mod. The front of this mod features two up and down buttons and a USB port just beneath the buttons. The fire bar is situated at the side and is quite clicky and comfortable to press while holding the mod in your palm. On the bottom, there is a little metallic door that holds together the dual 18650 batteries inside the portable mod.

Display and Settings

The display on the Smok R-Kiss is quite simple yet vibrant and interesting. The display screen covers a major area right in front of your mod. This nice and big screen features dual battery monitoring that helps to keep track of your battery levels. It also displays your resistance that you are using, your puff count that shows how long have you been vaping, your voltage levels, and in the centre, you have your wattage. The wattage levels can be adjusted quite easily using the up and down buttons. There are no menus, no temperature controls, no bypass, nothing, just straight out wattage control. This makes this device quite simple and easy to use the mod, even for beginners! There are multiple coloured dots displayed on the top left corner of the screen. These dots allow you to change the colour of the screen accordingly by pressing the up and down button. It provides different colour options for your display screen. You can easily turn the device on and off by clicking the fire panel five times.


Now I am going to talk about the vaping performance of the Smok R-Kiss mod. You know that this device incorporates mesh coils, and these coils burn pretty well and help to enhance the flavour production at every puff. The little TFV mini tank with bubble glass provides complete protection for your e-liquid. It also looks quite good on the mod. I fired the device with mesh coils at 80W and believed me the smoke production was mind-blowing. It literally filled the entire space. Moreover, the flavour quality was tremendous. I hardly witnessed any spit back, or a harsh throat hit even at high wattage levels. The device also fits quite nicely in the palm, and the ergonomic design makes it quite convenient to carry around and use. The fire bar is also nice and clicky, and it does not misfire. The dual 18650 batteries are what sets this portable device apart from other mods available in the market. These batteries last the whole day of vaping and also provides the optimum power required for an intense and prolonged vaping session.

Pros and Cons

The first pro that I would like to share is that I love the simplicity of this device. I mean, this is a really powerful mod, no doubt; with the dual 18650 batteries, you can take this mod to extreme wattage levels, but still, it is quite simple to use. The setting and modes are easy to navigate. I also loved the fact that it provides you with the option for changing the colours of the display screen. This feature is quite cool as one gets bored by seeing the same display screen all day long. It does not include temperature control modes or bypass control which might be a con for some users, but still, I would consider it as a pro too for a small device that is quite easy to access, and you can change the wattage quite conveniently. I love the size of this device. It is very tiny and fit tightly in hand. It has a trapdoor style battery casing that might be a con for some users because people do not like the pop open doors. Smok R-Kiss can fit a 26mm atomizer, which is definitely a plus point for a user like me who prefers large tanks. This device is not too shabby; it is quite simple for a 200W dual 18650 device which is great!


Altogether, I would like to say that I am pretty surprised with what Smok is offering in the shape of this Smok R-Kiss mod. I mean, looking at the size of this mod, no one can expect that it can go up to 200W and can incorporate dual 18650mah batteries. The screen on this portable device still looks good despite the small size. The screen is quite visible and bright. This device is quite convenient for someone who is just getting into powerful mods because it is simple to use, and all you have to do is turn on the device, adjust the wattage and fire it up!

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