Smok RPM80 Pro Mod kit Review 2020 By UK Vaper Store

Smok RPM80 Pro Mod kit Review 2020 By UK Vaper Store

Smok RPM80 Pro Mod Kit

So I just bought the new Smok RPM80 Pro mod device, and I will like to show you guys the ins and outs of this device and will also share my experience. Inside the packaging of this kit, I received a micro USB charging cable and a tank for my RPM coils. This tank featured a capacity of 5mls, which was great for me. It also featured a preinstalled RPM mesh coil inside. This coil was easy to remove and featured 0.4-ohm resistance. I vaped it at a maximum wattage of 20W, and it burned perfectly.

The Smok RPM80 kit came with another tank that was preinstalled. This coil was an RGC coil, and it also featured an e-liquid capacity of 5mls. The thing that I loved about this tank was the airflow control. It had an easy to use airflow control ring at the bottom that enabled me to adjust the airflow according to my needs. I easily switched between mouth to lung and direct lung vaping just by turning the airflow ring. This tank also featured an easy to fill mechanism with a top fill design. I was able to refill the tank quite easily without spilling my e-liquid.

The tank had an angled thing going on so that you can angle your e-liquid bottle to fill in the juice. This shape really helped with my bigger 100 ml e-liquid bottles. Moreover, I also loved the 510b drip tip featured in this tank. The one thing I dislike was that the drip tip was not removable. It had a one-piece system going on. This tank included a new RGC coil. The coil was easy to remove and had a conical shape. These mesh coils featured 0.17-ohm resistance, and I used these coils at high wattages, and they fired perfectly.

I found this kit quite similar to the Smok RPM80, but the difference was that RPM80 featured a powerful 3000mah built-in battery while these devices provided removable 18650 batteries. The RPM80 pro is also a bit taller than the RPM80 mod. The bottom side of these mods features a push forward door for your 18650 batteries. I haven’t had any issues at all with this door popping off on me or anything like other battery cases. The mod also had slits for airflow control and included two points of entry. I really loved the display buttons; they were smooth and easy to press.

The display function of this device is the same as RPM40. However, it is way more powerful and fires up to 80 watts. I was also able to change the colours of my display screen by holding the up and fire buttons at the same time. The screen was easy to operate, and you can lock it up by clicking on the fire button three times. It also featured another cool mode that allowed me to lock the wattage by pressing the up and down buttons together. It was cool in the sense that I could still vape with my wattage locked.

Now I am going to give you my thought and my vaping experience on this RPM80 Pro kit. I will first start off with the cons. I really wish they featured a mouth to lung coil for this device instead of it being only a direct lung device. They do have RGC 0.8ohm MTL coils, but those are available as a separate purchase. I really wish that they included an MTL coil in the kit. In addition to that, I would have really preferred a type C charging for these devices. Other than that, I cannot find any cons with these devices, and they work extremely well. The RGC coils are excellent and provide 0.17-ohm resistance that is ideal for high wattage vaping.

I started firing this coil at 80 watts and then dropped my wattage to 70 watts. The flavour quality was beyond my expectation. I could literally feel every corner of my mouth drenched in the sweet flavour. The coils performed well and did not offer any throat hits. Now talking about the other coil, which is the 0.4 ohm RPM mesh coil, I have had a good experience with that coil too. It was not as powerful as the RGC coil but still effective for sub-ohm vaping.

Still, I would say that when it comes to the RPM80 Pro kind of mod, the powerful RGC coil is the ideal option. As these coils are effective at high wattages so you will get a sub-ohm tank experience from the coils. Vapour production and the flavour on the coil is excellent. It also has an airflow control that helps to maintain a smooth pathway for air inside your tanks and also prevents spit backs and throat hits. The smoke clouds are tremendous, and they will literally fill your entire room!

Overall I would say that this device is an excellent vaping mod. It has almost everything that you need from a high powered vaping mod. I really loved the sharp display screen. The tanks were also excellent and featured a whopping 5ml e-liquid capacity. Another thing I wanted to mention was the magnetic system that connects the tanks to your Mods.

This made the tanks easy to remove. Along with that, I could easily fill these tanks due to the top fill system. So I am in love with these easy to use and highly powerful devices. I can easily carry them around anywhere I want. The batteries are packed nicely inside the pop-up door that prevents the batteries from rattling. The RGC coil is really effective for vaping at high wattages, and above all, these mods have a beautiful ergonomic design that fits tightly in my palm.

So I will definitely recommend these Smok RPM80 Pro mods to anyone looking for a high-quality vaping experience with thick smoke clouds on every single puff!

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