Smok T Priv Kit Review

Smok T Priv Kit Review

Smok is an innovative company when it comes to introducing Hi-Tech vaping devices, and in this article, I am going to review the brand new T-priv box mod from Smok. This futuristic device has a stealth outer shell with hollowed chassis and deep engravings that provide an excellent look and detail to the box mod. Under this layer, you have LED panels that can be customized according to your choice, and they also illuminated once you hit your firing button and start vaping. This adds more level of excitement to your vaping experience.

This box mod is powered by not one but two 18650 batteries that provide a maximum wattage of 220W. So it is a high power mod and in my opinion, the best mechanical mod that I have tried so far.

Excellent Build quality

T-priv features an immaculate build quality with a stealth design and smooth buttons that offer you no button rattle. The firing bar is also quite clicky, and I hardly had any misfires. I really loved the fact that they included the OLED screen on the top side of the mod as it offers a more vivid display. It is an 18mm screen featuring all the settings that the device offers.

You can easily fit a 25mm atomizer on the top of this device without any rattle or overhang. I hardly had any connectivity issues with atomizers.

T-priv features exciting graffiti on the body with dynamic edges that makes this device extremely good looking. The paint also has a metallic sheen attached to it and offers a vibrant display of colours.

LED lights

The outer layer of the mod has 9 LEDs incorporated beneath it. These LEDs light up once you start firing your device. You can also change the colours as well as the transitions of this light to make your mod look even more exciting, which in my opinion, is the most appealing feature of this device.

Battery door

Batteries are wrapped inside a protective door that opens and closes quite easily. The battery contacts are gold plated to offer excellent conductivity. You can easily charge these batteries with the help of a USB charging cable that offers only 1 Amp internal charging.

Menu interface

T-priv features a similar mechanism that you'll find in any Smok device. Five clicks on the firing button will turn your device on or off. You can access the menu by clicking the firing button three times. The menu includes different options like Mode, Puff, Color, Settings, and Power submenus.

You can select two modes that are power and TC modes. You can also see your puff count that detects how many inhales you have taken. There is also an option for changing the colour of your LED. You can also change the contrast and screen orientation to your choice. In order to turn the screen off, you just have to press and hold the fire button for 5 seconds.

My vaping experience

I really loved the way this device works. It has a short ramp-up time, and the power wattage range is also very accurate. You can go from 6W to 100W in seconds. One thing that I did not like is that this mod is quite sturdy, so it fits in hand awkwardly for me. I really loved the fact that the firing button is incredibly responsive and clicky. The best part about this device is the LED light show that it displays on every puff, which makes it look very exciting. It is a revolutionary and futuristic device that is designed to perform and will fulfil all your vaping needs.

Arvind loves the way this device performs the flavour quality and smoke production, which is immaculate and beyond explanation. I cannot describe in words what are very felt when I hit this device for the first time. The sudden burst of flavours really enhanced Matisse birds and provided me with an excellent vapour that was long-lasting. I ab useable to take this device all the way up to 60 to 70 words, and that was the maximum what is the range at which I was able to vape smoothly; although this device can go even higher, I will not prefer the flavour starts to burn beyond 70-watt range. But for those of you who are out there looking for a powerful vaping device to really elevate your experience, I will definitely recommend you buying this one. It has all the functions you need for a compact vaping action, plus the beautiful looks and the LED light display will deliver you an exciting experience that you will not see anywhere else.

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