SMOK X Cube Ultra Review

SMOK X Cube Ultra Review

The SMOK X Cube Ultra is the profoundly foreseen development to one of SMOK's most famous mods, the X Cube 2. SMOK has been having some fantastic luck since the X-Cube 2 delivery (which appears to be a lifetime prior) with some incredible item deliveries, for example, the TFV8, the H Priv, Quantum, and Osub mod, to name a few. The SMOK X Cube Ultra is the replacement to SMOK's previous X Cube I and X Cube II mods, the two of which were stacked with highlights that SMOK trusted geek vapers would love. They made the SMOK X-Cube Ultra's underlying rectangular system from prevalent quality zinc. This is equivalent to roughly 10%. Moreover, it has elements 55mm wide and 94mm tall. Like the X-Cube II, the X-Cube Ultra has a plan with top-mounted screen shows and fastens. For a mod that contains two high-channel 18650 batteries, the general size is significantly negligible. The 220-watt power yield asserted by SMOK is right, in fact. This is on the off chance that you use it with a super low atomizer. In any case, in reality, this figure appears to be a significant embellishment.


As SMOK's X Cube II and H-Priv mods, the X Cube Ultra is planned with top-mounted change fastens and screen show. The general size is insignificant for a mod that takes two 18650 high-channel batteries. Like the H-Priv, the 220-watt power yield guarantee might be, in fact, right (with a super low-ohm atomizer), yet in most true applications, 220W is a significant misrepresentation.

All things considered, SMOK's case of 220 watts is presumably obvious just in the lab. Nonetheless, the main concern is that the X Cube Ultra mod has a sizable amount of intensity for the vast majority. The exemption will be outrageous devotees who vape RDAs with fascinating Clapton works at power more than 100 watts. They will presumably be frustrated since, in that circumstance, the X Cube Ultra will battle to give even 100 watts, considerably less 220. SMOK is promoting its execution of "OTA" (Over-the-Air) remote innovation for firmware redesigns through Bluetooth 4.0 blending with the SMOK advanced cell application. The mod even vibrates like an advanced mobile phone to make the client aware of different conditions that require consideration. Like most alternatives on the X Cube Ultra, vibration can be turned on or off.

The X3 chip on the managing board adds savvy charging capacities to adjust both charge and release, expanding battery life. The same terminating bar is available as an afterthought, with the drove light strip showing up in the hole between the trigger and the body. The terminating bar functions admirably and not at all like the H Priv mod can be squeezed at any part, start to finish, to fire. The level sides highlight the printed included of the X Cube Ultra on one side and the SMOK marking on the opposite, where the battery cover sits. The battery cover is held set up by two amazing magnets at the top and a snare/catch at the base. The snare should be set up prior to trading the cover for it to sit effectively.

Performance and mods:

Vaping execution is the thing that one would anticipate from any current-age, high-power, double 18650 mod. In other words, truly fit. Temp control functions admirably, with all the customizability most vapers will need. No, it is anything but an Evolv DNA200 or very good quality Yihi chipset, yet it manages the work competently enough. Aside from the exceptionally misrepresented force yield rating — which is more about SMOK's advertising than the chip itself — the execution of the chip is splendid. The menu framework is equivalent to the SMOK H-Priv. It is anything but a basic menu; however, it can't be, given all the different alternatives.


  • The constructed nature of the SMOK X Cube Ultra is phenomenal, and the new and marginally more modest size makes it somewhat more amiable for little hands.
  • The mod has practically all the highlights you require for a wide range of vaping, taking into account even the most exceptional vapers.
  • The OTA firmware update is an amazing expansion, and in the wake of utilizing the Vaping Tour application for some time, that is discovered to be a helpful thing to have on the telephone.


In the box, it consists of main 3 things, which are smok x cube ultra-mod, a micro USB cable, and an x cube ultra user manual.

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