Uwell Caliburn Review

Uwell Caliburn Review

The pod kit that I am going to talk about today comes to us from Uwell. This Uwell Caliburn pod device will blow your mind with the extremely lightweight design and slim pen-like body that will allow you to slide this device inside your pockets and carry it around anywhere you want!

At first, I was completely blown away by the shape of this pod kit. To me, it really resembles a pen as the shape is slim and stylish. Another plus point about the pod systems is that they are extremely easy to use and are perfect for someone who is new to vaping.

Here I am going to highlight some of the key features of this device that will help to make your vaping experience more exciting.

Automated Draw

The first thing that attracted me to this pod system is the automated draw feature. This makes these devices easy to use as you don't have to press any button for vaping. All you have to do is start inhaling, and the flavours will automatically start to blend inside your taste buds.

But that's not all! Uwell has also featured a firing button in this device along with the automated draw for someone who wants to feel that button while vaping!

Coil System

A cool thing that I noticed in this Uwell Caliburn pod device is that it comes with a pre-built tank. This tank contains 1.4-ohm coils. For me, these coils were perfect as they offered wide wicking ports with a parallel arrangement that really helped in building that smooth airflow for my vaping. I fired these coils up to a maximum wattage of 11W, and they worked perfectly without any harsh throat hits. If you are into smooth mouth to lung vaping, I will definitely recommend these coils to you.

Tank features

Now moving on towards the tank, this Uwell Caliburn pod kit comes with a pre-installed tank. I was shocked to see that this portable tank was able to hold 2mls of e-liquid.

Furthermore, it features a top-fill system that is easy to access with the filling port located inside the mouthpiece. This filling port features two openings that allow you to fill in from one end and let the air remove from the other end. This helps in maintaining a smooth airflow inside the device.

Easy to use and perfect for beginners

Uwell Caliburn is a perfect pod kit for someone who is new to vaping. I will personally recommend it to you if you are into the mouth to lung vaping at low wattage levels.

It incorporates a single firing button that can be used to access the entire pod functions. Five clicks on this button will turn your device on or off. Apart from the firing button, you also have the automated draw option, which requires no button pressing for inhaling the e-liquid. You can also remove the mouthpiece quite easily from the device as it is connected via magnets.

 Design and shape

Uwell Caliburn features a slim and sleek design with a durable finish. The pod body is made up of anodized aluminium that provides a sturdy and compact finishing. The device is lightweight and fits perfectly inside your palms as well as your pockets. So you can use it as your go-to vaping kit!

Final remarks

I will definitely recommend this kit to you if you are into MTL vaping and looking for an easy to use pod system. This device is exciting, and at the same time, it offers all the functions that you require for a smooth vaping experience at a mild wattage range.

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