Vandy Vape Berserker V2 RTA Review

Vandy Vape Berserker V2 RTA Review


While there are a couple of MTL (mouth to lung) RTA's out there, a large number of them frequently cost a lot of cash and are ordinarily showcased as outstanding quality items. The Vandy Vape Berserker V2 RTA is, all things considered, the most recent portion in the Berserker line of MTL tanks. It is a 24 mm rebuildable tank that can hold up to 3 mL of juice and, from a planning point of view, uncovers practically no similitude to the past sections of the line. In any event, generally, in light of the fact that, as you will peruse further down in this see, the V2 is the most adaptable tank in the arrangement up until now. It is explicitly intended for low wattage use, to be breathed in gradually, permitting the client to relish the flavour and fume.


The Berserker V2 out of the container looks a great deal like an RDTA. The purpose for that is the top portion of the atomizer is included an enormous top cap and a metallic encased chamber that houses the filling ports. The V2 utilizes a progression of wind current embeds that are set straightforwardly under the curl. They kind of help me to remember the additions that accompanied the primary Berserker RDA, however as you will find in the accompanying area, it is a greatly improved assembled wind stream framework. The IDs of the additions are 0.8, 1.0, double 1.0, 1.4, 1.6 and 2.0 mm. The wind current is additionally changed through the wind current ring, which highlights seven little openings.

The deck includes a basic two-post plan, with the presents being close to one another and having really huge openings. Concerning additional items, the V2 proceeds with the Berserker custom and boats with a lot of treats. You get O-rings, and a screwdriver, a swap gasket for the filling ports (one with the counter spilling folds and one with kidney formed openings), three dribble tips that range from long to too long, an additional tank segment, two arrangements of substitution screws, and two superfine MTL melded Clapton curls.

Notable Remarks:


The completely customizable wind stream range is actually similar to the one on my Kayfun Prime. The entirety of the settings is fit to a mouth to lung vape, so in the event that you lean toward something more vaporous, this tank is certainly not for you. The most significant air opening offers a free mouth to lung vape, yet once you begin going down the settings, the wind current gets far more prohibitive. The reach goes from 1.6mm right down to an amazingly close 0.6mm, significantly more tight than the one on the Prime.


This tank is a very direct form that would be completely fit for a newcomer to rebuildable. It's so natural you will be fully operational in minutes! The Philips screws are good and hold the wire safely. By and by, I utilize 28 checks Kanthal, 7 wraps, 2mm inner breadth, which comes out at 1.2ohm Resistance. Position the curl about 2mm over the air opening, and you'll be in the sweet spot. Wicking is basic, just cut the wick tails a short route past the deck, wrap them up delicately without compelling them down, and prime them with some juice. The Berserker decks have consistently been generally simple to work with to the extent building goes; however, the V2 is at least somewhat clear. The solitary thing you should keep an eye out for is the distance of your loops from the additions while dry terminating them for hotspots, particularly in case you're utilizing MTL Clapton.


This RTA is a breeze to fabricate, advantageous to top off, and the flavour it offers is remarkable! The flavour is, truth be told, precisely what you would anticipate from a very good quality MTL RTA, at a small amount of the cost. Furthermore, the remembered discretionary bigger tank for the case implies you have a route around the irritating TPD interfering without buying parts from somewhere else on the planet. Fabricate quality is additionally fantastic, and given the value, the point offers an enormous incentive for cash. Clearly, the primary methods for changing the wind current are the additions; however, the ring permits you to calibrate your attraction by and large. Notwithstanding, wind current is smooth no matter how you look at it, and the throat hit this thing produces is excellent.

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