Vapefly Jester Review

Vapefly Jester Review

It is a jester pod by vapefly. It is quite an interesting little AIO slash pod system. It has mesh coils, but it also has an RBA section which is fairly reminiscent of an RTDA build deck. 


Inside its packaging, it has a kind of crazy style device and comes in different colours like silver, black, matte black, ghost and joker, etc. On-device, there is a pod that has the mesh coil inside, and the second one is an RBA pod which you could use as a dripper. This device is the first rebuildable dripping pod system. Then there is a tank of liquid down below. Inside the box, you are also going to have the baggie of spares that includes a tri tool, some seals and O-rings. It also has another baggie with a couple of micro coils and some cotton. It also has a micro USB charging cable and a user manual. It has a 1000mP battery inside and a charging port at the bottom. This charges in a little over an hour. It has a crazy design on it and got a rubberized coating, but it feels like it mostly made up of plastic, but the coating on the top of it is quite amazing. You got your contacts inside there and had two release buttons right on its sides. You need to press down when you pull the pot out. Its first pot has a 0.5ohm mesh coil inside and also had your mouthpiece. In order to fill this, you need to pull up and fill right inside a little port. It also has airflow control on the base, which is built-in and super tight in nature. There is also a little tiny mesh coil inside, which almost holds 2mLs of liquid.

It works quite well, just a bummer that you cannot swap coils in and out of it. Further, there is your RBA pod and does not have airflow control and a swinging latch door. In the top cap inside, you can see your chamber, bill deck, and some wick ports on both sides with a little tank of 2mLs liquid tank down there. They suggest when building this to keep it between 0.8-1.5, so now there is no way to test your ohms unless you know some separate meter where you touch positive and negative with it. But you cannot test your ohms on a mod or anything like that. You cannot go to some of the sites where it shows how many wraps to use and with what gauge to get X resistance. They do have a tendency to get air locked and not wicks super well.

You could even not fill the tank up and just drip inside if you wanted to, but I am going to tuck them a little way down in there; you do not need to have your wicks going all the way down to the floor of the pot. The coils they provide are 1 ohm, and it does not have airflow control. I like the draw on this rebuildable. It has a very tight MTL vape that might be like a 1.4mm hole. Flavours are very fantastic like it is close to dripper quality flavour.

If we talk about its size as compared to the paseo, which is another very popular rebuildable pod system. Its vape is very nice and warm too. It is a looser MTL but still is defiantly MTL, and you probably want to bump it up to the blue setting.


  • 5ohm mesh pod looks you will be able to swap coils in and out; to unscrew quite impossible, which kind of a bummer.
  • You cannot fill it with the pod in place, and it just pulls up one of the sides and its been quite hectic.
  • It has not a lot of battery.


  • It has a build deck means the build deck really easy for a pod system.
  • It is very easy to rebuild, like if you want to do RDTA mode
  • You could not just fill the tank up at all and just use this thing as a dripper and just to do it every time.
  • The draw on this is super smooth and very flavorful.
  • It is very satisfying and super durable.

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