Vaporesso Nexus Review

Vaporesso Nexus Review


This is a classic All-In-One pod system with an ergonomic feel, designed for portability and maximum convenience. In a typical pod system fashion, the 650mAh battery is rechargeable, and the e-liquid reservoir keeps 2mL of juice. We will delve deeper into each feature in a second. It was only a matter of time before Vaporesso came out with their iteration of an all-in-one ultra-compact device. Taking shape in the form of the Vaporesso Nexus, what sets this mod apart from the others is its incorporation of Vaporesso's signature ceramic CCELL coil design, resulting in even purer flavours and longer-lasting durability. Built with an internal battery locked inside its chassis, the Vaporesso Nexus is designed to produce an easy to use, satisfying, and portable mouth to lung vape.


The Vaporesso Nexus has a smoothed octagonal structure factor that is totally pocketable. It's around five grams heavier and somewhat bigger than the SMPO, regardless of its zinc combination development. Yet, the Nexus doesn't feel modest. A remarkable opposite. It's a smooth, tasteful looking gadget that feels "right" in hand. And furthermore, like the SMPO, the mouthpiece is ergonomic and agreeable for the lips. The general form nature of the Nexus is very much done, yet there are a few issues of its plan I'd prefer to bring up that could be better:

  • Setting TC: you need to press the catch multiple times rapidly, yet the catch is small and recessed, which make it hard to use with finger cushions – you will probably have to utilize your nail
  • The juice window: it's simply a little space on the front and back that is best seen in the light
  • Cleaning the tank: it will be trying because of the underlying tank plan
  • Loop trade: the curled head and wind stream regulator are taken out by a level head like device on the underside of the mouthpiece — it's not hard to utilize, but rather it's an obsolete plan
  • Topping off the tank: with a 4 x 6 mm fill port, most droppers fill fit effectively.

The taste on the Nexus is great with the two curls, and the throat hit is neither forceful nor delicate. It's probably on the money for the vast majority. The fume is proper for this kind of gadget, which means not all that much or excessively little. Indeed, even on the most minimal TC setting, the puff is as yet agreeable. The Nexus' 650 mAh battery is in accordance with different results of its reach (like the first Aspire Breeze and the SMPO). Contingent upon the amount you vape, it's probably going to get you through the greater part of the day preceding requiring a charge. The battery status is demonstrated while you vape: the LED will shine white when it's full, green methods there is a half charge left, and red methods it's practically vacant.

NX coils and temperature control:

The two-loop sets out accessible toward the Nexus are a 1.0-ohm NX CCELL clay and a 1.0-ohm NX OCC cotton head (not imagined). At first, when Vaporesso conveyed the units, they accompanied an OCC head and a CCELL head; however, an ongoing shipment just incorporated the CCELL curls. The Nexus has three temperature control settings. They compare to a LED in the catch. The TC settings are changed by rapidly squeezing the catch multiple times. To see which setting you are on, press and hold the catch.

The high setting is a white light that conveys 12.5 watts. The medium setting is a yellow light that conveys 10.5 watts. The low setting is a red light that conveys 9 watts. The temperature control in the Nexus level out works! The main dry hit will happen if the fluid gets excessively low, yet it will cut off before consumption. Yet, it's somewhat delayed on the incline, and it stays a generally cool vape even at 12.5 watts. I would've favoured a couple more watts for the high setting to get a hotter vape.


  • This vape has All-in-One System and a keen OMNI Board Mini Chipset
  • Comprise of auto temperature control and assists with recognizing Low Liquid.
  • It has a direct voltage based yield and Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism
  • Top-Filled Method and an uncovered Filling Port
  • A short-Circuit Protection highlight.


The box contained only the fundamental body of the mod, which holds the inside battery, a dribble tip, a miniature USB charging link, an extra CCELL curl (different comes pre-introduced), and the standard client manage/manual. Buy Vape Coils From best Online Vape Shop UK

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