Vuse Alto Review

Vuse Alto Review

Vuse Alto is a handheld and portable pod-style starter kit that is designed for someone who is new to vaping. The device features pre-filled flavours, which make vaping on the go quite easy and efficient. The simplicity of this pod device is marked with it's easy to access features like an automated draw that allows you to inhale in vapour without even pressing any single button!

The device is powered by a single 350mah battery which usually lasts for about 4 to 5 hours. I recently purchased this extremely reasonable and efficient starter kit, and today I would like to share my personal experience regarding the Vuse Alto pod kit.

Shape and Design

Vuse Alto is designed to be used as your everyday vaping device. It features a slim and slick pen shape that fits quite easily inside your palms and can also be carried around in your pockets.

I loved the fact that they included pre-filled pods, as it makes vaping quite efficient and simple. Another plus point of this starter kit is its weight. It is extremely lightweight, and with the pod attached, it weighs only 22 grams.

The pod for Alto is designed to provide a compact and leak-proof casing for your E-liquid. It is made up of durable plastic with a transparent look that displays e-liquid levels.

Now coming towards the mouthpiece, which is an essential part of any vaping device as it promotes a smooth draw and a burst of flavours. The Alto mouthpiece is slightly curved, which makes it quite comfortable on the lips. In my opinion, this is one of the best mouthpiece that I've ever had in beginner kits!

Magnetic pods

A cool feature of Vuse Alto is that it includes magnetic pods. This allows you to easily remove your pods for refilling. One thing that I noticed is that the magnets were slightly weak, which resulted in the dropping of pods at certain instances.

Vaping Experience

Now talking about my personal experience regarding the Vuse Alto kit, honestly speaking, I loved the way this device hits your throat. The draw is constricted and tight, just like smoking a cigarette. So I would highly recommend this device to someone who is looking for an alternative to cigarettes.

In my opinion, these devices offer perfect nicotine balance with the 45mg Alto nicotine pods. These pods hit your throat hard throughout your vaping regime and provide a powerful nicotine intake on every draw. I would like to mention that the hit doesn't affect your throat or caused rash; it is perfectly smooth and balanced. The flavour quality is immaculate, and I really loved the Mixed Berry flavour as it has a perfect combination of sweetness and tart with a refreshing odour. Plus, you must try the Rich Tobacco flavour if you are a fan of smoking.

Battery capacity and charging

Vuse Alto comes with a pre-installed 350mah battery that lasts for almost 5 hours of vaping. The battery also features a smart battery life indicator in the form of a green light that blinks when your battery requires charging. This battery can be charged easily by plugging in a USB charging cable.


Now talking about my final verdict on this Vuse Alto kit, I would totally recommend it to you if you are into the simple and smooth mouth to lung vaping. It is perfect for someone who is looking for an exciting and safe alternative to smoking. It has a slim and smart design that allows you to slide it easily inside your pockets and carry it around anywhere you want. Moreover, it has an automated draw where you don't have to press any button for vaping.

The pre-filled pods make your vaping on the go quite easy plus, these pods are really compact and do not allow e-liquids to leak through. One flaw that I found in these pods was the magnetic connection which was a little week, in my opinion. Other than that, everything is on point.

Now talking about the most important aspect, which is performance, I will give this device a perfect 10 as it is designed for a smooth mouth to lung vaping session. The draw is constricted, which mimics the action of smoking a cigarette. The flavour quality is excellent, plus it offers a strong yet smooth throat hit. So I definitely recommend this starter kit to you, If you are into the mouth to lung vaping!

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