Vuse Vibe Review

Vuse Vibe Review

Introducing the brand new elegant and slim, pen-shaped starter kit from Vuse called the Vuse Vibe. If you are a beginner and looking for a starter kit to get things going and to make vaping exciting for you, then you are in the right place! This slender looking Vibe vape pen offers prefilled cartridges that can be added quite easily and thus makes vaping on the go pretty easy and less time-consuming.

This Vibe vape pen is powered by a lightweight 350mah battery that provides the necessary power that your device needs for proper functioning.

Automated draw

A vibe vape pen does not include any firing button. It features an automated draw which for me is the key feature to any starter kit as it makes vaping quite easy. You just have to pick up your vape pen and start inhaling. There is no pressing of buttons or misfires. It is just a smooth automated draw that offers a burst of flavours.

Prefilled cartridges

Vuse Vibe comes with prefilled flavour cartridges. These cartridges feature a flavour capacity if 2mls, which is mind-blowing compared to the slim design that the pen features. Moreover, these cartridges are available in 6 exciting flavours!

Size, weight, structure, and build quality

Vuse Vibe clearly defines the classic pen-shaped e-cigarette. It is a slim and cylindrical pen-shaped device that weighs only 35 grams, and you hardly feel anything once you hold it inside your hands. You can easily hold it in your mouth, just like smoking a cigarette. The build quality is excellent and offers a tight and comfortable grip.

Now talking about the cartridges, these are made of compact and sturdy plastic that is translucent and actively displays e-liquid levels. The mouthpiece is something that I really loved about these cartridges as it bellows outs a bit at the tip, which provides your lips with an extra area to pull against when drawing in the vapour. This is an intelligently engineered design that makes vaping on this starter kit exciting and comfortable.

Functions and key features

Vuse Vibe is an easy to use starter kit designed for beginners. This kit provides you with everything that you need to start vaping. The prefilled cartridges are quite easy to use. You can simply screw them onto the battery, and they are automatically activated once you start inhaling. There is no on/off button or firing button. Everything on this vape pen is automated and easy to access.

On the bottom of the device, you will a nice LED indicator that glows when your device is on charge or when you are taking a drag on the cartridges.

Throat hit and flavour quality

The Vuse Vibe features a tight and constricted draw that resembles the action of smoking a cigarette. The vape is quite smooth and comfortable, and I hardly witnessed any harsh hits. Plus, it is cool, and the temperature also stays neutral throughout. Even the nicotine hit on this device is mild and soft. It features only 3 per cent nicotine concentration which I personally loved as the vape was quite consistent.

Now talking about the flavours, I tried all of them, and I really loved the fact that how light these flavours were on the throat and taste buds. They were not aggressive, like other flavours that I was previously using. The taste was moderate and subtle, and it lasted a long time. A few of the fruit flavours that ai personally loved were Fusion, Nectar, Melon, and Tropical. These flavours offer a minimal amount of sweetness which is not too sharp on the taste buds and yet provides an excellent feel.

Battery capacity and charging 

One disadvantage that I saw with Vibe was that you could not use it while it is charging. This is because the charger connects to the 510 connection, and the cartridge must be removed for charging.

The charging process is indicated by a smart LED light indicator. There is a white light that stays lit throughout the charging procedure. There is also a red LED on the bottom of the Vibe battery that continues fading in and out when the batteries are charging. Usually, it takes around 90 minutes to charge these batteries fully, and once it is done, this fading red LED turns white.


I will definitely recommend this starter kit to everyone who is into the mouth to lung weeping as it resembles the action of actually smoking a cigarette. Another cool thing that I would like to highlight about this device is that it is messed free as you do not have to change in or refill flavours. All you have to do is remove the prefilled cartridge and replace it with the new one, which is quite a hassle-free process and an easy one too. I was amazed by the amount of vapour that you can get with this device and the flavour quality that it offers, plus I love the fact that it features an automated draw instead of a button for inhaling the e-liquid. So I will definitely recommend the Vuse Vibe device to you if you are new to the vaping industry and are looking for a good experience with high-quality flavour and smooth mouth to lung action.

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