Vype ePen 3 Review 2021

Vype ePen 3 Review 2021

Vype epen 3 Review

The pod systems are taking over the vaping industry rapidly. Though designed in the UK, epen 3 is made in china. This third-generation epen is slightly smaller and neater as compared to its predecessor. It's a little chunky and quiet too. This epen offers almost 200 puffs though its predecessor offered 400+. Despite its low power, this pod mod gives you nice nicotine and throat hit. As it uses low power, so you need to have a small battery with it.

This button-operated vape is beginner-friendly. Vype epen 3 arrives in 6 colours, black, blue, gold, red, white, and silver. This pod is perfect for beginners who want to give up smoking. The Vype epen 3 gives you a choice of 17 different nicotine flavours. It gives a great throat hit and airflow with no malfunctions or leaks. Being super easy to use and operate,

With a closed pod system, its tank is sealed, so you can't refill it with your own liquid or even replace its coil when deteriorated. All you have to do is to remove and discard it and then buy a new one! But you don't need to worry because these replacement pods are easily available in outlets near you.

Key features

- Button operated fire

- Size : 123 x 18 x27 mm

- Width : 27 mm

- Depth: 18 mm

- Output: 6W

- Battery: 650 mAh

- Capacity: 2ml

- LED battery indicator

- Weight: 39 g

- Charging time: 2 hrs

Build Quality

Vype epen 3 has a good quality feel; this device is made out of thin plastic. With a nice soft-touch finish, the device feels much flimsy and fragile. A pod mod doesn't need the strength of metal for coping with heavy batteries or atomizer. With many modern looks, the pods are dark tinted, so you can't check for the e-liquid levels easily. The mouthpiece is made of Delrin material which is highly effective in keeping the high temperature inside the device and preventing it from reaching your lips.


Vype epen 3 arrives in a little neat cardboard box. To open the lid, you need slide off the outer, and you will see the device is wedged in many recesses in the plastic insert. When you lift it out, you will see a pack of two pods underneath it, the blended tobacco and crushed mint. The USB charging cable is in the flap at the end of the box and to plug in the pod is the open top end. The fire button is at the front of the device.

Vype epen 3 has a similar shape and design to others in the market. Being a bit bulky as compared to other pods available in the market, the design of this basic kit is very simple. The front of the device sports a "VYPE" logo in a similar colour to the device body. The fire button has an LED light on it, which displays the remaining battery level. The legal logo "vype epen 3" is printed on the rear of the device in grey. The pods are clicked extremely secure in the position, so there is no chance of falling out. The mouthpiece on the pod is great in size, so it has a very comfortable feel on the lips and doesn't get hot at all.

Flavour Quality

The Vype epen 3 arrives with 2 pre-filled vype pods. You can't use your own liquid in this device as the pod has closed off the design. You can't even refill the pod and have to discard it after fully depleted. It offers 13 smattering flavour options, including pastry, mint, menthol and tobacco flavours. Each starter kit arrives with pods of blended tobacco and crisp mints that taste great. Every flavour has an option of different nicotine strengths ranging between 0 to 18 mg.

Size and weight

The Vype epen 3 measures 123 mm x 18 mm x 27 mm and is larger than an average pod-style device; I would rather say one of the largest pods in the market. This lightweight device can easily slip into your pocket. Its shape and design are quite slim and compact, which makes it easy to carry it around in your pocket.

Battery life

With triple battery life as compared to Juul, It has a pretty decent battery capacity of 650 mAh; it has a big built-in battery as compared to the size of the device. You can enjoy a heavy vaping of over 5 hours with the 6 mg pod; otherwise, the battery life easily lasts more than a day. With stronger nicotine or nic salts, you will be able to vape less as you get a nic hit far quicker. It takes almost 2 hours to fully charge the battery, and it arrives with a half-full battery. The LED light glows red in the power button when it's charging. Similarly, when it needs charging, it flashes a white light when you press the button.

Vapour Quality

Producing dense vapours, this device performs quite well for beginners. The blended tobacco has an excellent flavour, while the crisp mint has the typical taste of mint bubble gum. As it's a low powered device, it doesn't have a strong suit of vapour production, though it's quite satisfying and more than adequate enough. The airflow is a bit tight feels just right. For a true MTL experience, it feels restrictive.

Kit contents

The kit arrives with excellent packing and has everything you need to get started with. It consists of the device along with the USB charging cable, two cartridges, and a user guide. The Vype cartridges have both different flavours, one is crisp mint while the other is blended tobacco, and both are of 18 mg nicotine strength.


- Intense taste

- Compact design

- Rich flavour

- Simple to use

- Long-lasting battery

- Economical

- Lightweight

- Portability

- A couple of great flavours

- LED indicator


- Non-refillable pods

- No power flexibility

How does it hit

The tight draw of the pod resembles that of a cigarette, also known as mouth to lung draw. On its regular 18 mg pods, the throat hit is very satisfying, but there are mixed options about the 12 mg ones. With good vapour production, its temperature is warm enough for a satisfying hit. The device provides a direct voltage output, so both of them will slightly deteriorate with use. The epen 3 pod doesn't give any off-taste.

Other strengths and flavours:

Other refill boxes include different strengths and flavours. The different flavours of regular nicotine line have both 6mg and 12mg, though some are also available in strengths of 0 mg and 18 mg. The Vpro line, besides its tropical mango, is available in the strengths of 12mg and 18 mg.

  • Tropical mango has nicotine salts of 12 mg: 

This is the most favourite among vapers who enjoy fruity vapes. Giving you the feel of a realistic and juicy mango, this flavour is the most recommended one.

  • Wild berries with both 12 & 18 mg nicotine salts: 

This is the only flavour that has reviews of being under flavoured or too artificial.

  • Master blend with 18 mg nicotine salts:

Having a similar flavour to other tobaccos, it has a more intense feel in epen 3.

  • Crushed mint with 18 mg nicotine salt: 

Though not many people like minty vapes, those who like really it will really enjoy this one. It works much better with a warmer vape of epen 3. The refreshing mint is a great transition for menthol smokers.

  • Strawberry smash with regular nicotine of 12 mg: 

This flavour is a blend of natural juicy strawberry and a strawberry jam. This flavour is one of the most liked ones and has received many positive reviews.

How it works

Vype epen 3 has a little raised button. This small fire button also serves as its on/off switch, which is no doubt a safety feature many companies tend to disregard. It has an audible button click but not as loud to annoy you. To turn on the device, you need to fast click 3 times on the button, and the light flashes green. If you don't use it, it automatically turns off after 10 minutes.

Once the liquid runs dry, vype epen 3 has a pretty cool feature of blinking the LED light button to read before the device turns off. This feature is great as you don't need to pull out the pod constantly for checking the remaining e-liquid.

Final Verdict

This vape pen by British American Tobacco is worth a look. Vype epen 3 is quite impressive as its really simple to use. Being quite lightweight and compact, it works really well. If you are on a budget and on the go for a cheerful pod mod that gives a good vaping experience, vype epen 3 is meant for you.

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