What Does It Mean When a Disposable Vape Blinks?

What Does It Mean When a Disposable Vape Blinks?

Uh-oh. Your disposable vape just gave up on you. We understand your frustration, but at UKVaperStore, we’re always here to help. One of the most common reasons your disposable vape might have stopped working is because of a low battery or e-juice. But, we also know that Puff Bars are often blinking because of manufacturing defects, or errors in usage. Here’s some more information on the subject.

Why your Disposable Vape light is Blinking?

You have a disposable puff bar, but the light has changed from green to red, or it's blinking. This means that you need to replace the battery. Sometimes, you can learn how to recharge a disposable vape. But even when you do, don't expect any significant results. It is designed to be used for about a week before being thrown away.

Less time to absorb e-liquid.

When you take a hit, the coil heats and vaporizes the atomized juice. However, if you continue to use the pen without pause and the wick does not have time to absorb more liquid, it will dry out. This can lead to your pen not releasing any clouds. Most models have a side window where you can monitor the amount of juice left in the cartridge. Be sure to check the level regularly so that you know when it is time to buy a new pen.

You might be able to get some additional puffs

Ever wonder how to get the most out of your vape? The simplest way is to take shorter puffs. You’ll use less power and so your battery will last longer. The Puff Bar on some vapes is like a gas gauge, it tells you when the battery is running low. When it starts blinking, finish your session and set it aside for a few hours. You could even have a few more puffs!

After a while, see if the device blinks.

Hmm. Your vape just blinked on you. Should you try again? Let it cool down first. If it’s blinking while you take a few deep hits, this likely means the vape is overheating and needs to rest. Try again after a break to cool off and take shorter hits in between each session.

Make an attempt to shake out the bubbles in your tank.

This is the worst! You order an e-juice and it's defective. Luckily, you have our help! If you see that there is still some liquid in the tank, but the disposable Puff Bar isn’t working or producing any clouds, then it could be because of an air bubble. Just tap the pen gently on a surface to get the air out of the tank. Give it another minute and try again.

What happens if a newly purchased disposable vape does not working?

In some cases, new disposable vapes may not work due to a faulty construction. The cotton inside is bunched up and blocking the e-juice opening, or the cotton itself is clogged. This can cause a vape to malfunction. To fix this, first pry open the mouthpiece and check if the cotton is in the correct position. If so, try using tweezers to rearrange it so that it absorbs more vape e-liquid.

It's possible that your device's circuit has shorted.

Disposable electronic cigarettes come with a built-in circuit protector to prevent short circuiting. But, even the best circuit protector can't always guarantee a faulty device won't happen. If you see blue blinking light at the bottom of your cigarette, it's time to discard it and get a new one.

Disposables can function better or worse depending on how you use them.

You just got your new vaporizer and noticed that it has a really simple circuit. Even though there is no temperature control, your vape can still have excellent performance and save you from running out of battery power. Make sure to follow the precautions when using it, such as shorter draws. If you push too much pressure, one downside is that you might suck up the e-liquid instead of clouds. Gross!

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