What is Sub-Ohm Vaping?

What is Sub-Ohm Vaping?

What is sub-ohm vaping?

As new trends are developing in the market, vaping has become one of the fastest rising trends. The playing field for vaping has changed much quickly over the past few years. An entire subculture surrounds vaping with all those things which it encompasses. There is something for everyone, either its e-cigs for quitting smoking or some cloud chasing competitions going around. Vaping is one of the most popular trends these days, also known as sub-ohming. But wait, what is sub-ohm vaping?

 It is referred to as using a vaping device that is capable of firing under the resistance of 1 ohm. So any clearomizer arriving with coils that are under 1 ohm can create sub-ohming. The idea behind it is that when the resistance of the coil is lowered, it increases the generated wattage and makes the coil hotter, ultimately allowing it to generate more vapours. This may also cause it to overheat, and it may potentially catch fire or explode if the battery fails.

Many new and intermediate vapours even don’t know what is sub-ohm vaping, and how does it work? This phenomenon began when the advanced vapours were trying to achieve a more intense flavour with bigger clouds. These days many sub-ohm vaping devices are available in the market. Well, in this article, we will give you extensive information about what is sub-ohm vaping. 

Why sub-ohm vaping

Being the Holy Grail for cloud chasers, it is much more satisfying with thicker clouds. It is derived from the ohms law, which says a high voltage, when combined with low resistance, will allow more current to pass and vice versa. There are some other advantages sub-ohming has over other styles of vaping.

  • Big clouds 

Many vapers love blowing big clouds as it’s the real deal for cloud chasers. With sub-ohm vaping, you can have the biggest cloud production. The vapour production of these big clouds is very similar to RDA/RTA.

  • Intense flavour

As sub-ohm vapers vaporize a lot more liquid at a time, so it hits your taste buds with tons of flavours with every puff. Many vapours use. But you must decrease the level of your e-juice nicotine as you inhale more nicotine.

  • More airflow

Direct lung inhale attracts more vapers. As higher heat is produced from the vape coils, unrestricted airflow is necessary to cool them down

  • Warmer vape

Some vapers seek and enjoy a warmer vape. This is easily attainable with the high wattage and low ohm coils of sub-ohm vaping. As the wattage increases, it makes the coil hotter, producing a much warmer vape than usual. It feels much similar to smoking traditional cigarettes.


If you choose to inhale mouth to lung, you need a slow and prolonged vape, and the 1-ohm resistance is the most suitable for you. on the other hand, for DTL (DIRECT TO LUNG), 0.5 ohm or less is better.

Choosing your battery

All the entire process of sub-ohm depends on the batteries you choose. So the choice of the battery should be done wisely. You must have a clear understanding of all the aspects while choosing a battery best suitable for your needs. You must make sure that your battery is kept somewhere with a regulated temperature, so it must be dry and not exposed to extreme weather (either hot or cold), neither to water. If any damage occurs, you must replace the wrapper around the batteries. You can get the job done easily from the UK vape store. Be cautious never about exceeding your battery’s amp limit.

Safety precautions

Sub-ohm vaping can be quiet dangerous and may injure the user with fire and explosions, but wait, doesn’t be afraid! If you proper the instructions and safety guidelines properly, then it is safe to use. You must know about the different coils and wattage and how it works ideal together. Many people build their own mods and coils for sub-ohm vaping, which can be quite dangerous if done incorrectly. You must do extensive research if you are planning to build it on your own. Another important thing to mention here is that when you are planning to sub-ohm vape, more nicotine is absorbed in your body, so you must use a juice having lower levels of nicotine.

If you use substandard vaping gear, you may inhale unwanted particles of burnt metals. You may also inhale low quality flavouring elements with more volumes. As the market is flooded with a wide variety of coils, e-juices, heating temperatures and other materials, you must choose high-quality products supplied by experienced and skilled vendors to stay safe.

Different kinds of e-liquids

Also known as vape juice is the liquid that basically vaporizes to make clouds. There is a huge variety of different flavours and levels of nicotine. They are normally made of VG (vegetable glycerin) and PG (propylene glycol). PG is a thinner liquid but has a strong throat hit while conveying flavour and nicotine well.

Mostly people prefer vape juice having a higher percentage of VG to make larger and dense clouds. It is more viscous and gives a milder throat hit. Such juices have a reduced throat hit, so they can take in more of it easily. They also usually choose Premium E liquids with lower levels of nicotine, something between 3-6 mg/ml.

You must rethink your nicotine level once you start sub-ohm vaping. As these vapours come from the vaporizing e-juice, you have to burn more liquid to get more vapours. Due to this reason, the max VG e-liquids have lower nicotine levels to reduce the amount of consumption of nicotine.

So if you are vaping 3 x more e-juice, you need only 1/3 of the usual nicotine strength. An e-juice with the correct ratio of PG/VG and nicotine level will enhance your sub ohming experience.

Sub-ohm vaping devices

In the beginning, when vape products were introduced in the market, there were very limited options for people to choose from. Vapers opting for sub-ohm vape were only limited to variable voltage devices and mechanical mods. Variable voltage has wires which run from the firing switch towards the battery and triggers the battery for functioning while heating up the coils.

Mechanical mods, On the other hand, allow a direct connection between battery and atomizer coils. You must make sure that the device which you are using for sub-ohm vaping should be well vented and doesn’t have a high voltage drop. Due to the progression of technology, there are many other high power regulated devices on which you can adjust the settings on. You can easily change the voltage output of these devices, so it will less likely damage the battery or coils.

Approaches to sub-ohm vaping

Three different options for sub ohming are available, which depends on the type of atomizer used.

  • Re-buildable dripping automizers

The RDA’s are also known as drippers. This is where it all started. Earlier devices slightly smaller than a vape tank were used, which could be attached to a vape mod. Being equipped with coils and cotton wick, the user was supposed to drip e-juice on the wick after few puffs.

  • RTA’s

The re-buildable tanks atomizers are the modern form of RDA’s which don’t need continuous dripping. This enhanced form saves you from the sheer hassle. These are basically clearomizers with a built-in coil inside them. Along with offering a very good flavour, they offer high volume vapours too.

  • Sub-ohm tanks

Life had become much easier with sub ohm tanks as, before this, it was nothing less than an ordeal. You had to buy a Mod, wire, rechargeable batteries and whatnot. You can slam sub-ohm tanks on any mod virtually, which can work at a minimum of 30 watts or higher while blowing out massive clouds.

Being much similar to RTA’s, they have disposable built-in coils. Though they offer almost the same experience as RTA, still they take convenience to the whole next level.


Sub-ohm vaping is extreme fun but not recommended for new vapours as it requires the vaper to have extensive knowledge of ohms and other electrical outputs. You must do proper research and then pursue it if you are interested in starting out as a sub-ohm vaper.

You must go for sub-ohm vaping if you are an experienced vapour seeking bigger clouds or competing in cloud chasing competitions. You must first educate yourself and then proceed with caution.

Many new safer and better devices of sub-ohm vaping have been introduced in the market today, which allows you to enjoy it without worrying about its consequences.

Many starter kits are even available, which allow you to step into the sub-ohm world, though they do not offer an intense experience as a box mod. You can experience the whole next level of vaping with sub-ohm if you use some common sense and properly follow its guidelines.

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