Wotofo Profile Review

Wotofo Profile Review

This RDA is thick and 24mm in size, along with a 20mm bill deck with 2mm on each side. The recurve device of RDA was made with the same situation going on with this profile and a bottom mister just right under it. It has a pre-installed squonk pin that is your negative post. The screw on it and the side to do have nice honeycomb style airflow. Its top cap is used to turn and rush the airflow and retain it. This is for the single-coil builds or single mesh build 810 drip tip on the top. It comes in a bunch of different colours gold, black and gunmetal, rainbow and blue, and stainless steel. Its airflow had the step-down feature going on and machining everything very beautifully. It has a very unique feature that is something because of which people preached on other mesh RDAs as it is upon making pressure onto the mesh coil to prevent your dry hits and MRJustright1 came out with the perfect solution, which was it's spring loaded which is a game-changer for mesh RDAs. Screws are flat head slashed Phillips head screws. It has a double O-ring, and it is a clamp style bill deck, and clamps are not spring-loaded; just its middle piece is spring-loaded. In order to get that spring out, you just take a flat head and won't screw. That is how if you need to replace the spring inside here. They also give you two extra springs.

In the packaging, they provide you with the two pieces of mesh and the resistance will come out to around 0.18 and cancelled. It has 45-65 watts of vapour. Its mesh style coil has a separate purchase; it will have tubes which got ten pieces inside of mesh and the cotton. The cotton is 6mm.

You need to bend that mesh before using it on RDA and tighten this up. Do not fully tighten it; just make it snug. Then you got anna MAHT 12 watts on the device; there is a resistance reading at 0.15 along with a nice light you can see on the top. When you got the hot spots out, grab the cotton and put it in a spring-loaded ax, and fit it perfectly. Before using, pull that plastic piece of cotton off and comb that well and cut the excess pieces with the scissor. Then you totally adjust the cotton on its top with the tweezer.

One more feature is that it has a locking feature with the RDA when it's on the mod and locks it. Later you pull the top piece off and make it fully saturated. It is the RDA with a built-in single 6mm coil. This device is perfect and right above the ceramic feature. Let's discuss its pros and cons;


  • Its airflow is super smooth, and RDA is a big pro. Its big pro build RDA quality is perfect.
  • With its RDA, you get everything, 2 mesh coils. Some sort of Clapton coil in its packaging.
  • Ease of building whether you are using a mesh coil or a single coil build pro.
  • Its thick top cap is to keep the chamber compressed for flavour.
  • Its flavour is crisp clean.
  • A ceramic piece in the middle that spring-loaded to compress your kind on to the mesh and is a genius feature of it.
  • The screws are flat/ Phillips head screws, and they are beautiful and spring-loaded.
  • It is for squawking, for which you do not need deep juice well.


  • It has a lot of extras like 2 drip tips.
  • It has a very thick top cap.

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