Ziip Pods Review

Ziip Pods Review

In this article, we are going to talk about Ziip pods. I will discuss in details what Ziip Pods actually are. Furthermore, I am going to explain how these pods actually work and what flavours do they offer. So without further ado, let's dig in and take a look at Zip pods.

Ziip pods are basically pre-filled cartridges designed for JUUL devices. They have more juice capacity than standard JUUL pods and can hold about 1ml of e-liquid. These pods are available in a wide range of nicotine strengths that target users of all nicotine preferences. These nicotine strengths include 0%, 0.9%, 1.8%, 3.0%, 5%, and 6%. I was literally shocked to see this much nicotine concentrations offered by a single brand.

The original line of Ziip pods came in 5 different flavours that included Mango, Tobacco, Mint, Watermelon and Strawberry milk. Now they have upgraded to a total of 26 exciting flavours. I personally love the Strawberry cream and cappuccino flavours; as for me, these flavours are mild and not too sweet as I personally do not prefer highly aggressive and sharp flavours.

Different Flavors

Here I am going to give you an overview of some of the flavours that I personally have tried. Maybe it will help you in selecting the right flavour to enhance your vaping experience.


Mango flavour is one of the signature flavours offered by Ziip pods. I found this flavour sweet but not overly sweet or tangy. I was really impressed by the essence of mango that they have managed to capture in this flavour. It has its own distinct character and a smooth taste that literally softens the taste buds.

Strawberry Milk

Strawberry Milk is my personal favourite flavour from the lot. It has a sweet and creamy texture, unlike your typical nicotine-based flavours. It is not as richly flavoured as the mango flavour, but still, it is mild and smooth. It features a fresh strawberry flavour toppled with the sweetness of the cream.


The Ziip mint flavour is not like your regular cartridge mint flavour. It is crispier and blends really well inside the mouth. It tastes the best on the inhale as the flavour is quite sharp at that time. On the exhale, there is just a cooling menthol sensation that leaves behind a refreshing touch. This flavour has a strong cooling effect which is very long-lasting.


Ziip Tobacco flavour clearly defines the classic tobacco e-liquid. It has a mild sweetness and provides a soft throat hit. The flavour is not too aggressive. It is light and has the signature tobacco essence.


This was definitely the unique flavour I had. It was very smooth and subtle. I first expected it to be really sweet, but it was simply the opposite of my perception. It has a mild dessert flavour that was not too sweet or sharp. I believe that this is the best cheesecake pod that you will find in the market.

Cinnamon Roll

It is another unique flavour from Ziip pods. It offers a strong cinnamon flavour topped with the sweetness of sugary pastry. If you are into unique combinations of sweet and sour flavours, then you will definitely enjoy it.


It is another mint option offered by Ziip pods. It is far more refreshing due to the essence of natural spearmint. It resembles spearmint gum, and you will definitely love this flavour if you are a mint fan.


It is the typical berry flavoured e-liquid with a combination of tartness and sweetness, which I personally found extremely tasty. If you like sweet and tangy flavours, you must try this one.


There is nothing better than a refreshing pineapple flavoured e-liquid. This is the best pineapple flavour that I have tasted. They did a really good job in balancing the sweetness and tanginess l. It has a natural pineapple taste with slight notes of sweet candy flavour.

Ziip pods mechanism

Ziip pods are quite easy to use. They can fit right into your device's battery and hardly rattle. Their mouthpiece is slightly different compared to your regular square tip pods. These pods are more ergonomic and well made with a rounded top that gives them a nice finish.

They look almost identical to the Juul pods except for the shape of the juice window and the mouthpiece. One disadvantage that I saw in these pods was that they are not designed to be used with temperature control pods. Furthermore, they also run out of e-liquid quickly compared to the Juul pods. I also witnessed dry and burnt hits at times. Still, the flavour quality on these things was unmatched, and I really admire the uniqueness that they offer in terms of flavours.


After my experience, I would say that Ziip pods are a perfect alternative to your regular Juul pods. Their flavour range is amazing and far more intense and long-lasting. I loved the crispy menthol and mint flavours as they were the best I had with pre-filled pods. Plus, these pods are easy to use and fits easily with the battery. So I would definitely recommend these pods to you!

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