The start of this year was marked with a sudden outbreak of a strange epidemic called corona virus. It spread like a fire in the bush and has taken almost every country of the world in its grip. It is basically a respiratory epidemic and spreads through respiratory droplets present in the body of an infected person. Corona virus has disturbed a lot of business activities in recent times. People are ordered to stay in their premises. Shops are being shut down and economy has declined drastically. Till now, no proper cure of corona virus is discovered. Only way to fight against this disease is to follow some safety precaution and to save yourself and others around you from this nuisance. Our business has also adopted a proper safety routine to save the employees as well as our customers from this outbreak. We have seen a large number of orders due to the need of equipment for home working. Due to this high intensity of work load we are experiencing delays in our warehouse. But inspite of all that, we are still focusing on proper safety precautions to safeguard our workers and clients from this epidemic. Following are some steps taken by our organization to prevent the spread of corona virus among our premises.


In the lights of the current tense situation, we are ensuring that our workers are provided with complete relief and less job stress. We have designed and implemented this split double shift basis. Workers do not work constantly now. Their shifts are divided into different time lapses. This helps in keeping a social distance between our employees. As distance is necessary to control the spread of corona virus. We are making sore that our workers work atleast one meter apart from each other. Each employee is provided with a proper rest after their shift. Breaks are also arranged between shift to allow our workers to relax. Our teammates are our priority. We are doing our best to minimise the spread and transmission of corona virus among our workers and to keep our team and customers satisfied.


Most of the people are not actually aware of what exactly corona virus is. How it transmits from person to person. And what safety precaution they should take to stop the widespread of this disease. We are doing our best to educate our workers about this disease. Meetings are being arranged to ensure that every employee of ours is aware of what challenge we are facing right now. Safety precautions are being displayed in printed form throughout out office and warehouse. Employees are being given advices on how to safeguard themselves from this epidemic. Moreover we are providing moral support and advices to every worker to boost up their moral in this tensed situation.


Corona virus spreads from person to person. We touch hundreds of things daily and the viruses and quickly enter in our body through our hands. Therefore in order to keep our workplace safe, we are ensuring day and night cleaning exercise. The floors are being cleaned with alcohols to kill any bacteria or germs. Our workers are also being advised to clean their hands every half an hour with soaps and warm water. Each employee of ours is ordered to wear a face mask and gloves to prevent corona virus. We have also provided hand sanitizers to our workers. Proper hygiene is being maintained in our cafeterias. We are assuring you with the best possible cleanliness within our workplace.


Customers are our most valuable asset. In these days where we are facing huge threats from corona virus outbreak, we assure that each of our employ works through the proper guidelines and maintains order on time. Each of our product is clean from all viruses. They are stored in a nice tidy place and our team keeps a check and balance on the cleanliness of our warehouse. We assure that products are delivered to you safely and in time. Our package material is also free from germs. Alcohol disinfectants are constantly sprayed in our warehouse to prevent any sort of viruses. Corona virus has affected our business and our operations but still we assure our customers that products will be delivered safely in a clean packaging.



We are keeping a proper check on our delivering team as they have to interact with our customers time and time again. Members of delivery team are ordered to take all necessary precautions against covid 19. They have to wear face masks and gloves whenever they leave our warehouse. Each member of delivery team is frequently tested for corona virus. We appreciate our customers and we are doing our best to keep our delivery and transactions safe.


In this alarming situation, our company is doing their best to maintain our goodwill and to keep our customers satisfied. We are not stopping our business activities and are ensuring that every order is delivered on time and every customer walks out happy. We are changing our way of working to prevent the spread of corona virus. Our superiors are focusing more on maintaining a clean workplace and to maintain our same standard of service even in this dangerous situation. We completely understand the importance of our customers as well as our employees and we are doing our best to protect everyone from corona virus.

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