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Now when we come to talk about Dotmod Dotbox 200w UK, you come to realize one thing. That this vape kit has a humungous amount of power. It comes with a power curve mode for an exceptional power output control.  There is not one but two 18650 mAh power sources. It is also known as the dual power source. The wattage of the output as mentioned before is 200 W. All of these features in just one box. So what are you guys waiting for. Go buy your vape kit today at the U.K Vaper Store. Do not delay, for there is a shortage.  

You ask yourself the question that why is there is so much power? What use will it be put to? Well, there are a lot of uses that all of this can be put to but the one that matters the most is the Cloud Chasing. So this much power is only there for one thing and one thing only. Cloud Chasing and that too a lot of it.

So let me explain you a bit of what this cloud chasing hype is all about. Cloud is basically a lot of vapor emitted from the vape kit. Larger the vapor, larger will be the cloud and more will the people love to see it. It gives a sense of relaxation and reward. So people like to do it for class and style. More the bigger cloud is, more the device you are using can be a really good one.

So people have started this trend of blowing huge clouds into the air and putting the videos of it on their social media platforms. And those videos have been garnering billions of accumulated views. Thusly, a trend has now started and it has become more of a norm. So be part of that trend and norm, rather we say be a king of it with this especially designed device, the Dotmod Dotbox 200w

Now the dotmod 200w UK comes with a lot of pre-determined things, like 24K gold plated buttons, coupled with a firing pin and a 510. Vape Mods UK have been blessed to have a brother like this in their midst. It has an all anodized design, with a durable aluminum box which has beveled edges. This device also has NEW power curve mode for exceptional output control, Proprietary dotchip technology and a Magnetic door.


  • 200W output
  • 0.08-3.0 OHM operational range
  • Proprietary dotChip technology
  • Power locking capabilities
  • Auto timeout button lock
  • Multiple temperature control settings
  • 24K gold plated buttons, firing pin, and 510
  • Magnetic door
  • Plastic encased chipset
  • Beveled edges
  • All anodized design

All of these things make this device technologically really advanced. So what are you guys really waiting for. You have a got a device, waiting for you in our stores, that will make you the king in the vaping world. Not everyone can afford this device but the ones who can become an overnight success in the vaping world. This device always has a few tricks up its sleeves, just the right ones to make you want it even more. It will sate all of your hungers and desires.

So buy it and enjoy all of the amenities that come with it. Let us show the rest of the people of how it is really done. The people will be amazed at the amount of cloud that you will be able to give out with this device. Plus, the sweet throat hit that you can get with this device is just amazing. So we are waiting for you guys to empty our already half empty stores at yours only, The U.K Vaper Store.


  • 1 x DotMod DotBox V2 200W Mod
  • 1 x USB / Lightning Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Authentication Certificate
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Manufacturer DotMod
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product grid option Colors-8 Colors
product grid description 200W Output, Magnetic Door, 18650 Dual Battery
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