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Dotmod dotSqounk, dotRDA 24mm Battery Plus Charger

This Squonk U.K is product that has been specifically designed of the advanced vapers only and you people, also, need to keep this in mind before buying it that it is a mechanical mod and not a regulated one. Dotmod Dotsquonk is a product for the advanced vapers only.

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Dotmod dotSqounk, dotRDA 24mm Battery Plus Charger
Dotmod dotSqounk, dotRDA 24mm Battery Plus Charger

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    This Squonk U.K is product that has been specifically designed of the advanced vapers only and you people, also, need to keep this in mind before buying it that it is a mechanical mod and not a regulated one. Dotmod Dotsquonk is a product for the advanced vapers only. It also requires regular maintenance. Improper use of it may cause fire or an explosion. So you guys should always keep it in cool areas. This device has been built-in with a working proposition of 0.1 ohms to 3.0 ohm. So regular vaping and sub-ohm vaping, all are possible on it. We urge you guys not to take the resistance below 0.1 ohms as it proposes a risk for explosion and everything.

    This dotmod Dotsquonk is an award winning squonk of 2018 and what more is that it is something that you can afford. There are so many squonks that have been floating in the market that the dotmod people wanted to this squonk the right way. And they really were able to pull this one off in a really brilliant way. They made something which was easily affordable and something which was really technologically advanced. They made something that really satisfies the consumer's whims and wishes. All of this in a really affordable way.

    Dotmod 24mm RDA features a single coil RDA with a durable build deck design. These RDAs feature a unique gold plated design with Clapton wire coils. These Clapton coils provide excellent heat resistivity at extreme wattages and prevent any hard throat hits. The entire deck is made up of peak custom machined milled screws and also includes two very big post holes to ensure proper airflow.

    The RDA is covered by a rubber cork that has DOTMOD engraved on it. The mod has a standard 510 cap but you can get a cloud chasing top cap which is like a big chuff style cap and that is an extra option that you can pay for. The drip tip snugs absolutely perfect to the mod and prevents any fluid from leaking. There are also two air holes on both sides of the RDA. The base also has gold in it and displays the version number of the RDA.

    Inside the deck, you have a gold barrel section that contains Clapton coil. The deck provides nice thick walls for the juice and a nice juice capacity is available. It also leaves a really nice space in the middle to drip in some juice as well. You can fill it all up in the middle with juice and it just feeds the wicks happily and you can get few extra vapes for your drip. Everything on this RDA is neat and tidy. It provides the right amount of friction and the build quality is immaculate

    The MoliCel P26A is a 18650 vape battery, intended to offer clients harmony among force and limit it's anything but a 2600mAh limit and a 25A ceaseless release. Maybe the most widely recognized kind of battery utilized in vaping, it is viable with a scope of mods and packs. If it's not too much trouble, guarantee you generally check similarity before use.

    Precautions for battery usage:

    The current and voltage used to charge the batteries should not be more noteworthy than is set out in the guidelines. Batteries ought not to be charged in unnecessarily cold or hot temperatures. Try not to leave the battery in the charger for more than 24 hours. Try not to leave the battery unattended while charging. Never utilize an altered or harmed charge. The releasing current shouldn't surpass the level set out in the directions. In the event that it does this may make the battery overheat. Keep your batteries for a situation when not being used.

    Try not to haul them around free in sacks or pockets: It's crucially significant that batteries don't come into contact with any metal items as this can prompt spillage, blast or fire. Store the batteries at the right temperature: batteries ought to be put away at a surrounding temperature in dry, very much ventilated conditions. You ought to stay away from unnecessary hot or cold. Not be utilized in the event that they are harmed, unusually hot, stained, distorted, if the wrapping isn't flawless or if some other strange conditions are identified. Discard the batteries if this happens.

    Not be permitted to come into contact with water or fire. Discard the batteries if this happens. Not be placed in microwaves or in any high pressing factor holder. Not be utilized or collected with other various makes, types or models of batteries. Stay away from extreme actual shock or vibration.

    The slim K2 charger by EFEST comes with a 5V USB cable and has a total discharge current of 2amp. It supports about 1amp of rapid charging which is great for a portable charger like this. You can find any AC adapter from your cell phones or other equipment to charge.

    When you connect the power, the light on the screen will turn to white indicating that the batteries are plugged in and later the light turns blue indicating a full range charging. It is highly compatible with your 18650 vaping batteries. It can support two batteries at a time. It is also suitable for two different size batteries like a 2700 battery and a  battery.


    • Silicon construction
    • Can hold 10ml of e-liquid
    • Compatible with dotSquonk
    • Hand washable


    • Unique Single Post spring-loaded design
    • 24mm diameter
    • 24k Gold Plated RDA
    • Coils are easy to adjust
    • Features Clapton wire coil
    • Hard anodized aluminum barrel with a protective cap
    • 8mm deep juice port
    • Three-piece easy drip design
    • Contains both single and dual airflow control
    • Features Ultem Drip tip


    • Type: 18650 Battery
    • Bottom: Non-Protected
    • Positive Terminal: Flat Top
    • Capacity: 2600mAh
    • Max Continuous discharge current: 25A
    • Voltage: 3.7V
    • Discharge temperature range between -10°C - 60°C


    • One Spring-Loaded Bays
    • Supports Multiple Battery Types
    • Built-In Safety Protections
    • LED Indicators
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