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Dotmod Squonk - DotSquonk

Brand: DotMod

100 % of 100
As low as £67.99

There are a number of reasons why Dotmod Dotsquonk is really the best of the best. Why it's awesome is because it might just be the best squonk in the town. You guys also have the option to modify this Dotsquonk and make it look like your own stylish thing. It is sleek and compact and can fit the pocket of your jeans easily. 


Something for the experienced Vapers?

This Squonk U.K is product that has been specifically designed of the advanced vapers only and you people, also, need to keep this in mind before buying it that it is a mechanical mod and not a regulated one. Dotmod Dotsquonk is a product for the advanced vapers only. It also requires regular maintenance. Improper use of it may cause fire or an explosion. So you guys should always keep it in cool areas. This device has been built-in with a working proposition of 0.1 ohms to 3.0 ohm. So regular vaping and sub-ohm vaping, all are possible on it. We urge you guys not to take the resistance below 0.1 ohms as it proposes a risk for explosion and everything.

The Dotsquonk that you can afford?

This dotmod Dotsquonk is an award winning squonk of 2018 and what more is that it is something that you can afford. There are so many squonks that have been floating in the market that the dotmod people wanted to this squonk the right way. And they really were able to pull this one off in a really brilliant way. They made something which was easily affordable and something which was really technologically advanced. They made something that really satisfies the consumer's whims and wishes. All of this in a really affordable way.

Ways to go about the Dotmod Dotsquonk?

There are basically two ways for you guys to play with Dotmod Dotsquonk. You guys can refill the bottle by removing it or if you guys are in a hurry you can top fill your bottle using the unicorn style bottle, through your  dotRDA24 squonk pin. It is up to you guys. There are some added benefits and features to all of this when the mod is utilized with the dotRDA24. There is also an upgraded center 510 pin which is kind of removable and made of 24K Gold plated brass. All of this Gold plating adds to the beauty of the entire device. This is a mechanical mod and it has even better pull than Dotmod’s other tube mods. When we come to talk about Dotmod Dotsquonk the vapers are always going to talk about it and there is a reason for that. Reason being the efficiency and reliability of this device. You see people that this device doesn’t provide you guys with an experience; it provides you with a certain lifestyle that you people can install in your life. So why not buy a thing that can install itself in your lifestyle and give it a certain edge. It is demanding attention sometimes from you because it needs to be taken care of. It will give you the happiness that you so need and the relaxation you so deserve. Just imagine yourself sitting by the fireside and enjoying the cold weather outside, what else is missing in that perfect moment? What can make that moment even more perfect? This vape in your hand. If you don’t believe us, you should try it at least once, and then you may finish this device from our racks. We only talk from experience. 

Conversion to Vapor?

When heated the moisture of the e-liquid is then converted into vapor, which is then ultimately inhaled by the consumer. Secondly, when coming to the discussion of a clearomizer. A clearomizer, on the other hand, does not possess any such filament. Rather, the coils used with clearomizers have wicks attached to them. These wicks then absorb the e-liquid and feed it to the atomizer coils. Clearomizers also have large plastic e-liquid reservoirs that can hold various volumes of e-liquid. And lastly, when coming to the discussion of a Glassomizer. They function is exactly the same way as a clearomizer does, except for one sole distinction. The e-liquid reservoir of a clearomizer is made up of plastic while that of a Glassomizer is made up of Pyrex glass. The benefit of this is that over time the plastic one erodes due to the acidity that is contained within the e-liquids but the Pyrex glass never get eroded. So all three of these types of tanks make some of the best vape tanks. 

In The Box

  • One (1) dotSquonk 
  • Two (2) removable doors
  • One (1) 18650 Battery sleeve 
  • One (1) Juice Bottle (silicone with ultem top)
  • One (1) 510 connector o-ring
  • One (1) brass 24k gold plated 510 squonk pin 
  • One (1) certificate of authenticity


Any mechanical issue in the dotmod's product is repairable not replaceable and it take two weeks to get the product fix and get back to us.

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product grid option Color-8 Colors
product grid description Battery Single 18650 or 21700, Removable Doors, 510 Connector O-Ring
Brands DotMod
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