E Liquids

Best E-liquid UK: Apart from your vape Kit you need e-liquid. E-liquids are required to use in all vape tanks and kits, these e-liquids come in many different varieties, strengths and sizes. We have provided a wide choice of flavors, consistencies, bottle size and nicotine strengths. So if you’re looking for a high VG blend for bigger cloud production and using your vape as direct lung or you are just using a pen or pod device with a high nicotine strength blend, we are sure that at ukvaperstore you will find something that suits your requirements.

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Bottle Size and Nicotine

E liquids come in several sizes, ranging from 10ml E-liquid, up to 120ml - All liquids that contain nicotine can only be sold in 10ml bottles anything bigger than 10ml will not contain nicotine so if you want nicotine you will need to purchase a Nicshot and add this to your e-liquid to get the nicotine strength you require.


Flavor in e-liquids is anything from tobacco, mint, fruit to even exotic. Here at Ukvaperstore we think you will find a flavor to suit your palate and some. The majority of e-liquid flavors are made so that when you vape your senses that is your taste and smell senses can equally experience the flavor profile and make vaping your favorite flavor more enjoyable.

Nicotine is an addictive substance - it is in the UK regularized so that the maximum allowed purchase of any e-liquid containing nicotine is 20mg or 2%. The majority of available strengths are as follows 3mg 6mg 12mg and 18mg though there are several brands that produce different values up to 20mg. If you are subohming that is using a lower resistance than 1 ohm nicotine strength is usually no more than 6mg and commonly 3mg. If you are using a device that is above 1 ohm (mouth to lung) then nicotine can be used up to 20mg such as in pods and pen-like devices

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