Five Pawns E Liquids

Five Pawns started its journey with five incredibly complex, handcrafted e-liquid flavors that were created for the vape connoisseur. The approach was for the vaper to experience the utmost flavour in each blend. Five pawns recognized that five traditional tastes are distinguished by the human palate: Sweet, bitter, sour, salty, and umami (which is described as savory). In doing each Five Pawns product line has an ingredient mixture that satisfies each one of the five tastes. And hence the name Five Pawns.

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Five pawns have crafted 4 ranges of liquids all of which accentuate the palate and the five senses

The Originals

When great minds are put together great things happen - likewise with great perseverance perfection can be attained - Gambit was attempted 261 times before the final offering was perfected to what it is today - every flavor is built from the molecule up and if that's not dedication then we don't know what is...

Gambit - inspired by America’s favorite pie - the classic apple. A sweet and savory vape

GrandMaster - Featuring a creamy rich peanut butter edge, fresh banana cream and then drizzled with velvety caramel flavor.

Queenside - created with French vanilla and Bavarian cream laced with perfectly cooked and sugared blood orange

Castle Long - Award winning e-liquid created with a striking note of toasted coconut, roasted almonds and Madagascar and French vanillas laced with caramelized brown sugar and finished with Kentucky bourbon for a truly unparalleled experience

Bowdens Mate - inspired by the after-dinner mint, a favorite post-meal staple with traces as early as the 18th century

Symmetry Six - combines grains, fruit and cream to align your specific tastes of balance and excellence in proportions - a savory complexion with sweet rhythm

Black Flag Risen - inspired by an eccentric drink called “Cigarettes & Coffee,” enjoyed immensely at a local Five Pawns’ watering hole

Nicotine Salts

So the Originals were made perfect and Five Pawns saw they were good and they rested but on the 7th day they realised that they could make perfection even better Godlike - so they took back the traditional nicotine and added the salt nicotine instead. Now perfection is smooth .....


With thousands of flavor profiles on the marketplace its easy to lose sight of the fact that thousands of smokers try vaping for the first time every day. So although its very noble to produce exciting flavors to keep existing vapers engaged and entertained - its just as important to cater for the first time vapers making the leap from smoking to vaping. So whether you’re new to vaping or an existing vaper, Five Pawns have developed this fine tobacco range just for you.

Royal Tobacco

with base notes of rich Cuban tobacco, Royal Tobacco captures the bold flavors that cigar lovers crave. Let the vapor roll around in your mouth as if it were real Havana leaf cigar smoke then exhale; you’ll detect notes of mango, pineapple, and grapefruit in a delightful trip to the tropics.

Elo Tobacco

Brazilian tobacco offers mellow notes of coffee, chocolate, and nuts, with notes of rich caramel and vanilla along with a hint of sour lime.

Kingside Tobacco

Kingside Tobacco brings out the complex, savory flavors of cigarette and pipe tobacco with notes of hops and barley. As the flavor develops in your mouth, you’ll taste a sweet strawberry note that stimulates your senses and prepares you for the next inhale.


When Five Pawns' taste buds start to itch great things are about to happen - Think about it… A pinch of sea salt on a steak, potato chips, edamame, melon, chocolate, caramel, and even coffee makes it taste that much better. Reaching back to early Five Pawns roots these offerings come in higher VG ratios enhanced with artisan sea salts.

Lasker’s Rule

inspired by a uniquely American creation - the potato chip


inspired by the original caramel apple first created in the 1950s


honeydew with fresh mint leaves sprinkled with Artisan Himalayan sea salts

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