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Today Vype UK provides much better smoking alternates to the world. They have committed to create different type and styles of e-cigarettes for vapers as well as potential vapers choice. With heavy investments in the science of vapor, they ensure every product by them delivers a different and enjoyable experience. They influence their designs from the years of industrial experience by their parent company, British American Tobacco. Every Vype e-cig is designed keeping optimal satisfaction in mind.

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About the Vype e-cig range

They incorporate many types of e-cigarettes for appealing to various types of vapors. Besides playing an important role in the smoking cessation industry, their products are even loved by the seasoned vapers. They offer many different hardware options including these below:

Vype e-pod: this ultra compact pod system utilizes pre-filled pods. The cartridges of these e-pods are made from nicotine salts which make these devices ideal for those who were heavy smokers and are in the search of satisfying their nicotine cravings. With a luxurious feel, Vype e-pods are ideal for vaping on the go.

Vype e-Pen 3: they arrive in a choice of colors and you can easily pick the one which suits your style. Featuring a super light weight, it is a cap based e-cig refill. They don’t allow you to stress or mess and offers you to enjoy a variety of flavors. Its cap flavors are tobacco, mint, cherry and apple.

These vape pens can be filled with a range of fabulous vype e-liquid available in many flavors, the exotic ones among which are mint, tobacco, oriental spice and aniseed. They also have a range of accessories like chargers, clearomizers and spare parts. We at UK Vaper Store also stock products of other leading e-cig hardware brands like BLU.

What Fans say?

The fans of Vype UK love the simplicity of the products they offer. Keeping all kinds of vapers in mind, they are designed to perfection. Being quite popular among the ex-smokers who are trying to switch from the traditional cigarettes, it surprises them with a fantastic throat hit and also the intensity which comes from a good vape.

The Vype e-cig range features and ergonomic and comfortable design which makes them quite popular. Every product is made of high quality materials with no-mess and hassle free refills which obviously is a great plus if compared to competitors. The key selling points of this vype range are intense flavor and excellent build quality.

Vype Refills

The Vype pods are the cartridges which click at the top of VYPE devices. Available in a range of different nicotine strengths, its 18 mg pod is highly recommended for recent smokers.

Every pack has two pods which are available in different flavors. With a blend of rich traditional tobacco, the blended tobacco flavors a smooth finish which is perfect for smokers and vapers who like to enjoy tobacco flavors. For a bold mint flavor, the crisp mint offers some added menthol.

For vapors seeking to get away from the traditional flavors, the Dark cherry provides them a rich taste experience with a satisfying nicotine level. It’s basically a blend of rich cherry and other berries and fruits. The Vype e-pen 3 is closed system pods and is not refillable. Once you run out of liquid, you simply need to dispose it off and replace it.

Vype at the UK Vaper Store

There is a wide range of e-pen 3 pods, e-liquids, e-cigarette hardware and accessories at the UK Vaper Store. With a high quality design it offers better alternates to traditional cigarettes while ensuring each Vype product to be a great investment.

It is one of the biggest stockists of VYPE vape kits and e-pen refills today. Being inexpensive, they prove to be an excellent choice as your first e-cigarette. VYPE pod systems are pocket friendly and are easy to carry along while travelling. The unbeatable price we offers along with the free delivery make Vape super store an ideal place for purchasing Vype e-pen pods and devices in UK.

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