Juno Pods - Menthol

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Juno Menthol is now coming in a pack of four, bringing all of the element richness of earthliness with it. It contains Nicotine in it with a ratio of 18mg per ml. The juice in the pod is 1.6ml in quantity.

Introducing you guys to a new breed of Pod systems that are going to make all of your dreams come true about inhaling all of that sweet rhythms of flavors of menthol. These are the ones which take your Vaping culture to the next level, helping you produce desired results, all the while being able to sense those delicious flavor notes on your tongue. Now one may think that these are the products that maybe available somewhere else too, while that may be partially true but what we can say to this instead is this that we are the ones who providing all of these quality products below the market price. So our question to you is why pay more of that hard earned money of yours when you are getting 100 % authentic products from our certified web platform and that too at cheaper prices. So you do not need to worry about spending too much money on your vaping shenanigans because we would not ask for much. We provide you with money back guarantee products. Anything that is at fault will be fully refunded to you guys. So what are you waiting for? Go, right now, and choose the best suited product for your ownself and get it. Instead of smoking, vape all of your worries, troubles and boredom away. Maybe make your friends a bit jealous with getting the most stylish product, which everyone in the market does not even have right now. We at U.K Vape Store only provide you guys with the best possible and affordable products. So have fun vaping guys!


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