Juno Pods Pisces - Strawberry Watermelon

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U.K Vaper Store presents you people with the Juno Pods Pisces - Strawberry Watermelon with a saturation of 18 mg Nicotine. They have been built under the sign name of Pisces. So don’t forget to buy our trending product.

There are four JUNO Pods incorporated into the bundling combined with a Pisces - Strawberry Watermelon season and each JUNO unit conveys around a good number of puffs and each JUNO case is containing 1.6 ml of pre-filled e liquid. So folks sit tight for the mechanically progressed diminishes is here for you individuals. Purchase now from the U.K Vaper Store. These JUNO PODS are carrying you folks with a nicotine equalization of 18 mg, which ensures a much smoother delayed flavor impression. It is having an appropriate detailing which makes everything appear to be smooth and rich with flavor notes hitting your tongue. These JUNO pods are having a place with the most recent innovation worldview. The new improved Cotton wick has been giving a kicker and furthermore an improved all around vaping knowledge. You folks will have the most reasonable of blends. These dispensable pods are containing JUNO SALTS e-liquid that has been found in the tobacco leaf and gives a progressively down to earth experience looking like this present reality tastes. The E-Liquids are containing the arrangement which is exclusive in nature and is in the mix of Glycerol, Propylene Glycol, Natural Oils, Extracts and flavor, nicotine and Benzoic Acid. There is innovation introduced in it which vessels an element of temperature guideline. Juno Pods Pisces - Strawberry Watermelon is ideal for the individuals who are searching for an infusion of freshness in their lives bringing re-fortification. So what are you folks hanging tight for. Go purchase Juno Pods Pisces - Strawberry Watermelon pods at the present time, chase away some of that boredom away from your life, from the U.K Vaper Store.


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