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Discover the best vape kits and ecig kits on UKVaperStore. Choose from top-quality kits, compact pod kits, and advanced vape kits. Our tailored vape kit bundles match the right e-liquid with the right device. You can get the best vaping experience by choosing vape kits with compact designs, easy-to-use, and pocket-friendly characteristics. Whatever your vaping style, we have a vape kit to suit you, from starter vape kits to advanced models with temperature control or variable wattage. Our vaping kits include all the essentials for vaping, including tanks, coils, devices, and chargers. With excellence in mind, each component is hand-picked, and outstanding customer service is a priority.

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All brands of mods, kits and other accessories.


To make Extreme clouds, we have popular RDA's available


Best quality RTA's in a range of different sizes and materials.


Most sold and long-lasting batteries with a high power output.

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Wide range of attractive drip trips in this category.

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Replacement glass for all most all types of tanks.


Fast charger compatible with all type of rechargeable batteries.

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What Are Vape Kits?

A vape kit is a battery-operated device that produces the vapour when a flavoured liquid is heated. Everything you need to start vaping is included in a vape kit. It includes a coil, a tank, a battery and a mouthpiece. The best thing about vape kits is that they offer one-stop solutions for novice and experienced vapers to create kits entirely or to upgrade their existing setup with a drip tip, tank or new coil. 

Types of Vape Kits 

Vape kits come in so many different types that finding the right one can be confusing. We have a wide variety of options for any level of vaper, from new switchers to seasoned vapers. Here's a brief overview of the different types of vape kits:

Vape Starter Kits 

For first-time vapers, starter vape kits offer a variety of device types, such as pods, pens, and Cigalike devices. Beginners and those looking for ease of use in e-cigarettes will benefit from vape starter kits. 

Disposable Vapes 

As an affordable entry-level e-cigarette, disposable vapes are also known as puff bars. New vapers can use these straight out of the box and have a hassle-free introduction to vaping. The disposable vape is a pre-filled, fixed coil device that does not require any setup, refilling, or charging once used. These devices are powered by non-rechargeable, pre-charged batteries ranging from 200mAh to 600mAh. The newer devices offer approximately 800 puffs per bar, designed to be used for a finite period.

Vape Pens 

In terms of design, pen-style vape kits are usually slim and easy to handle, named as such because of their pen shape. The vape pen is easy to use, discreet, compact and fits easily into a pocket. Vape pens use a built-in battery to power a tank that holds vape juice and a mouthpiece with a single button for turning it on and off.

Pod Kits 

A pod kit has a limited lifespan, so it needs to be replaced regularly. Despite this, vape pod kits require little maintenance, making them very convenient to use. There are two components to pod vape kits: a pod (which can be pre-filled or refillable) and a device/battery. Vapers can choose from various pod vape devices, from basic pod devices suited to beginners to vape mods for vapers who want a little more power.

Box Mod Kits 

A vape box mod kit is perfect for experienced vapers who want bigger clouds and smoother flavours. With their advanced box mods and paired vape tanks, Sub-Ohm kits are packed with features and offer variable voltage and wattage settings to perfectly fit your preferences. The box mod kits are bulkier and stronger than the pods and pens. They will provide more power than either. 

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