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Mechanical mods are a great option for those who want to take their vaping experience to the next level. These mech mods UK were designed with vapers in mind, so they offer you an authentic and customisable experience unlike no other. We have mech mod collections available for every vaper, if you're craving more power behind your vape, it might be worth checking out!

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  1. The King By Purge Mod
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    The King By Purge Mod

    Hybrid top cap, Deep CNC engravings, Fully adjustable button, Serialized

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The unregulated device which runs directly off a battery and works without any circuit board is called a mechanical mod or simply a mech mod. This simple yet advanced vaping device delivers the atomizer a raw battery power but without electronic regulations and protections for the users. So the batteries keep providing continuous electronic power as there is no circuitry, it reduces the vapor production when the batteries get near the end of their life span. This means that the mechanical mod keeps firing even with very low resistant coils and its regulated counterpart gives an error or shuts off.

Being the most powerful and customizable devices on a vapors hand, these mechanical mods are the best choice for using in rebuild able atomizers, cloud chasing as well as sub-ohm vaping. Mechanical mods are very reliable as they lack any electronic circuitry with some electronic parts which may be exposed to malfunction. They also feature an unrivaled durability. These mechanical mods are well built and consist of a metallic tube, that’s why they are virtually unbreakable.

With an extremely simple design, these mods are easy to fix if they sometimes fail. By replacing only a certain part, you can enjoy your vape again. Mechanical mods offer intense vaping and excel a lot in customizing and tweaking the vaping device. By the custom configuration of your coil setup, it’s really easy to narrow down your vaping experience. That’s the reason the sub ohm vaping enthusiasts idealize using mechanical mods as whatever low coil resistance you give them, they will still keep firing. Even the cloud chasers too love using these mechanical mods.

The rebuilders consider the mechanical mods as the wholly grain as they keep firing without giving you a hard time. To hit your desire, you simply need to press a button to connect it automatically with your atomizer. These mechanical mods have a longer life span as compared to the standard regulated mods

Taking up your setup to the next level, you can dial in your perfect vape and reach wattages which are usually unobtainable with an infinite range of customization. With no frills design, it has less components capable of mal function. Being virtually indestructible, they are the perfect choice for experienced vapers and aren’t as sophisticated as they seem.

Many vapers assume mechanical mods to be complex and understood only by electrical engineers, but this isn’t actually the case. In fact they are the most simple of all vape mods. Mechanical mod is basically constructed of only three parts, housing, battery and atomizer. With extremely minimal in functionality, the mods casing houses a battery. The battery is connected to the top and bottom caps of the mod. Once the mod is fired by pushing the button, its bottom cap connects with the battery to allow the flow of current in the coil. If used correctly, these mods are safe. The batteries may become defective but as there are no circuit boards, so the device can’t get fully defected.

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