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We at the U.K Vaper Store bring you guys with the best possible combinations of Vape Mods, Vape mods brands, Variable Mods and Mechanical Mods. Now coming to my discussion of the second point. The variable Voltage Box Mods, one of the best in the market. Now first of all you guys need to understand that the elements that make the Vape mods work are vape tanks, UK vape coils, vape batteries UK and vape kits UK. One of the latest vape mods UK in the market include variable voltage box mods. If you are looking for a more personalized vaping experience that molds your vaping device according to your requirements, then a variable wattage box mod or voltage box mod is the perfect product for you. For a more accessible and customizable vaping experience, get a hold of variable voltage box mods from UK Vape Store which will ensure more desirable vaping. Now let us look into the definition of what is basically is a Vape Kit and what is Vape Battery. So buy now at the U.K Vaper Store.

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  1. Asvape Strider 75W Box Mod Silver
    As low as £79.99
    4 Colors

    Dual 18650 batteries. Full colour screen. wattage: 220 watts

  3. Dotmod dotbox 75w Mod
    As low as £74.99
    8 Colors
    Dotmod dotbox 75w Mod

    75W Output, Magnetic Door, Single 18650 Battery

  4. Eleaf Mini iStick Mod Black
    Eleaf Mini iStick Mod Black

    Adjustable Voltage, 510 Thread Connection, Battery 1050mAh

  5. FATAL Mod 100W By QP Designs
    As low as £59.99
    6 Colors
    FATAL Mod 100W By QP Designs

    Max Wattage: 100w, QP Designed Chip, Delrin Body

  6. Sigelei 100w Plus Box Mod - Black
    Sigelei 100w Plus Box Mod - Black

    Aluminum Alloy construction, 510 Connector Pin, Operating Button, Dual 18650 Batteries

  7. Sigelei Evaya 66W TC Box Mod
    As low as £36.99
    Antique Copper
    Sigelei Evaya 66W TC Box Mod

    Spring-Loaded, OLED Display, Short Circuit Protection, 18650 Battery

  8. Sigelei Vcigo Moon Box 200W Mod Orange
    Sigelei Vcigo Moon Box 200W Mod Orange

    510 Atomizer Connector, Stylish Look, Plastic Material

  9. Smoant Charon Ts 218  Touchscreen Mod
    As low as £59.00
  10. Smok RPM 80 Pod Kit
    As low as £26.99
    7 Colours
    Smok RPM 80 Pod Kit

    3000mAh Built In-Battery, 2ml Capacity, 80W Max Output

  11. Smok X Cube 75W Mini Mod
    As low as £35.99
    Smok X Cube 75W Mini Mod

    OLED Display, 75w Wattage, Bluetooth, 18650 Battery

  12. Vaptio MOVE 50W Mod
    As low as £39.99
    Vaptio MOVE 50W Mod

    Adjustable Wattage, Top Filling System, 1100mAh Battery

  13. Vaptio SUPER BAT 220W TC Box Mod
    As low as £44.99
    Vaptio SUPER BAT 220W TC Box Mod

    1.3 inch TFT Screen, 18650 Battery, LED Lighting

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With the rapid evolution of vaping, variable devices which were once rare and costly have today become quite popular, widely available and affordable too. An e-cig with a brain is basically a variable mod. It is also known as variable voltage/variable wattage mod. It usually has a pen or bow style shape and includes a chip or processor which controls the device. This battery powered vaping device uses circuitry for regulating its output power and you can adjust its output power by either its voltage or wattage. So you get full control over with these variable mods.

This system enables the user to tweak the electrical power which is produced by the mod. There are many other amazing secondary features found in variable voltage mods too. They usually have a small LCD or LED screen for displaying the wattage and voltage levels, the numbers of puffs taken, its battery level and some key safety features.

Its significant feature is that the electrical power which is produced by the mod it can be fine tuned, so you can change the vapor quality which your e-cig produces and also its intensity. So you can modify the vapor according to your likings. You can also find the sweet spot where the mod and atomizer will work in synchronization for creating the perfect vape.

Either you want to adjust it by wattage or with a temperature control suite, all you have to do is simply ask the mod to do it for you by pressing its buttons or touching its LCD/LED screens and the chip will make it happen. It allows you to quickly and easily change your settings, if the atomizers or vape e-juice are changed with different VG/PG ratios.

Few advanced models today feature a full touch screen with many advanced settings like they determine and adjust the perfect setting for your atomizer automatically. These modern variable mods are fully packed with useful safety features which prevent it from overheating, manage its batteries and a lot more. Thus saving both the user and the device from any damages. They are designed for easier use and are more forgiving. So variable mods are usually safer to use as compared to mech mods but as they are electrical devices, you must use them responsibly.

Variable mods are a fantastic device for use by both new and veteran vapers alike. Today you have a massive selection of the types of these devices. They feature varied maximum power output and much more but all of them are quite similar internally. The only internal difference among them is the micro processor itself. They either use replaceable or internal batteries which may be placed in parallel or series circuit.

Variable mods due to their customizable ability are helpful in a variety of ways. It allows the user the flexibility to use a variety of atomizers having different resistances, sizes of wires, coil types and change them quickly. This adjusting ability of the output power allows the users to control the heat which is generated by the coils and is responsible for burning the e-juices and changing their flavors. You can even adjust to take shorter or longer pulls while creating the same amount of vapor.

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