UKvaperstore believes in healthy lives for everyone. It's not enough for consumers to be led like sheep into new trends without at least backing up the benefits with hard unequivocal evidence. Vaping, now considered to be the best way for smokers to give up had a hard beginning. Treated with contempt, ridiculed, and plenty of disturbing misinformation made its journey a tough one. Smoking on the other hand had a journey of ease, with doctors, celebrities and even Governments promoting it's addictive wiles. And then came the deaths, not a few, not even many, but hundreds of thousands of individuals succumbed to the various diseases, cancers, and life threatening illnesses all caused by smoking.

Now smoking is on the wane. Thankfully. Living a smoke free life is now possible thanks to a Chinese pharmacist whose own father died of lung cancer caused by chain smoking 60 cigarettes a day. His determination, innovation and creation brought the e-cigarette more commonly known today as 'vape ' to the fore and millions of smokers have quit to lead healthier lives.

Ukvaperstore strives to continue this tradition, providing information, products and advice to ensure you have a choice on how you want to live your life. We hope you will agree.

Making the switch to Vaping

All of the products we sell are selected for their quality and usefullness, as well as their style and purpose. It should be our ultimate aim and goal to remove all the traditional smoking ways from our lives and evolve, as the world is evolving. Evolution is the basis of all life - some would say its the survival of the fittest - well it is not that we are evolving into something that is worse off - far from it - It is that we are evolving into something that is meant for our betterment. The fact is, it is not easy to Quit smoking, both physically and psychilogically. Its difficult because your body gets used to the nicotine the physical aspect and secondly the actual habit of smoking the 5 minute breaks, the using your hands, the psychological factor is the hardest to hurdle to overcome. This is the main reason why the majority of ex-smokers have relapsed at some point in their lives to come back to smoking again. 

SO what can you do. Well you can try vaping - its considered 95% safer (Public Health England) than smoking and provides an easy way to satisfy the physical cravings and the psychological requisites that belong to smoking. Vaping comes in several forms such as cigalikes and pods to full "sub ohm" vape kits and unlike cigarettes the there are thousands of flavour profiles to choose from. And if you still need the nicotine you can satisfy that need for nicotine but shield yourself from the rest of the harmful carcinogens that your body goes through when smoking a cigarette. And when the time comes you can just reduce your nicotine volume in the flavor until you are vaping one without any nicotine at all. This is evolution - this proven method of transitioning from Smoking to vaping is intuitive and smartly played. Something that saves you money and from a lot of trouble too. Now there are basically four kinds of vaping. Namely



This is a device which has a similar shape to that of an ordinary cigarette. It is very handy and comes out with several styles and it has been growing popular.


Pod System

The choice for people who want something very compact and hassle free. A majority of pod systems come with prefilled e-liquid so there is no hassle of filling the tank or changing the coils.


Mouth to Lung

The choice for most people trying to make the switch. Easy to use and carry, MTL devices are a perfect combination of size and battery life to keep you going all day.



The choice for people wanting more power, flavor and vapor. These are larger devices with various adjustable settings and aimed at more experienced vapers.

Why switch to Vaping, and where to start?

So lets look at why you should make the switch. Regular cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals, including 43 carcinogenic compounds and 400 other toxins. These include nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, as well as formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic and DDT. Whereas, the E-cigarettes are non-combustible and, therefore, contain no ash, smoke, tar, or carcinogens. This means that having a vape kit and smoking it is like having the pleasure of smoking a cigarette while taking out over 95% of the harmful effects from it. What else do the Cigarette consumers want? They get to live longer and are also not being denied the pleasure of smoking. Before going any further let’s see as to what exactly makes the Vape Kits work. Whether they are cheap vape kits or expensive ones, it does not really matter, the very infographics of vaping is the same. The traditional smoking of a cigarette is where substances and elements are burned and when you a burn a thing, a lot of cancer causing agents are made and then inhaled by the consumer going all the way from mouth to the lungs. So those substances are absorbed by the blood stream and hence the cancer starts forming in your body. It may take some while for your body to show these signs but at that point in time it will already be too late. So E-Cigarettes saves you from all of this. So what are you waiting for when you have a much better and a safer way, you should just use it, that is what the common sense dictates. Plus, choosing a Vape Kit and that too from our catalogue at Ukvaperstore will be really beneficial as well as exciting for you.

How Vape Kits work

The reason why smoking a Vape Starter Kit UK or an e-cigarette is called vaping is because the Vape Coil that is considered to be the heart of the E-cigarette heats up and that makes the liquid to vaporize which is then inhaled by the consumer. Hence there are no burning chemicals or substances, this only makes vaping 95 percent safer than the traditional smoking, as it is also recognized by the Medical board of England. Now, Vape Mods UK or E-cigarettes feature a replaceable inhaler cartridge containing vegetable glycerin and/or polyethylene glycol, flavoring and nicotine. With every inhalation, a sensor triggers a vaporizer to heat a small amount of liquid flavoring. The liquid turns to vapor and is drawn into the user’s mouth. Vaping is not the same as smoking a water-pipe, or hookah. In a hookah, a burned mixture of tobacco and molasses is drawn through water to cool the smoke. Burning creates cancer-causing chemicals that are inhaled by the smoker. The so-called “hookah pen” works like an e-cigarette. The pen vaporizes a liquid and does not involve burning. In theory, since vaping does not burn tobacco, it should be safer than conventional cigarette smoking. A main ingredient in the liquid cartridges, polyethylene glycol, is FDA-approved and is used in many consumer products. The vape kit works with the help of a battery or known as the engine of the Vape Kit. There are different types of batteries, all of which have been modified according to the power outage requirements by the vape kits.

FA 2013 study in the journal Tobacco Control found that the harmful chemicals in e-cigarettes occurred at levels 9 to 450 times lower than in regular cigarette smoke. Vaping is something that does not even discolor your fingernails like the traditional smoking does, your teeth are safe, so are your gums. Vaping has sweet flavors etched to it plus a nice smell and not like the bad ones which smoking causes, there is no air pollution etched to this notion of vaping. So why put yourself through all of the trouble and get yourself in the fatal zone, when science has found a way for you to cater to your needs in an utmost way. Another plus point is that some studies have shown of how vaping does not propagate passive smoking which the traditional smoking does. It is even astonishing to that how have the governments not just banned smoking all the way through, taking into account thousands of harmful effects that smoking causes. Vaping on the other hand is something that beats the stigma around cigarette smoking, the way of lighting up a cigarette and then smoking all your troubles away has influenced the minds of our younger generation, most of them take up cigarette smoking too. Vaping is something that is stylish, it’s pretty easy, it is relatively extremely less harmful when compared to smoking. It doesn’t have any Tar, Carcinogens or other cancer causing agents like smoking does. It is something doesn’t even bad your breath up, instead it provides you with all of these wonderful delicious notes, that your tongue and mouth savors. So just grab a Vape kit from our U.K Vape Store vaping and satiating all of your troubles away.


Now let us look at some of the varieties that are available in the E-Liquids.


Starter E-Liquid

Now this type of e–liquid has a higher PG ration when put in comparison with the VG ratio.


Sub-ohm E-Liquid

This type of e–liquid has a higher VG ratio, which helps in producing a denser vapor, with all the right amount of quality flavor.


Short Fill E-Liquid

Now these type of e–liquids contain a 50 / 50 ratio of PG / VG respectively. This type of e–liquid is well suited to both styles of vaping.


Salt Nic E-Liquid

When talking about this type of e–liquid, it delivers the nicotine faster to your blood, hence providing more user satisfaction.

giving up

Your Plan

There are a lot of ways that exist in today’s world, for you to finally do the hard thing. Which is quitting smoking. It is never easy but one has to do it. No one wants to die that young and that too from something that is not even worth it. So many people have worked out a plan, a plan to quit smoking. That plan surely includes buying a vape kit and then and quitting smoking. A lot of chain smokers have been able to quit smoking. And it has been really beneficial for them. So what you need to do is work out a plan. Our experts recommend not to leave everything all at once because that can result in your going into a rebound phase and going back on smoking. So what you can do is just ease yourself in and slowly switch from vaping to smoking.

Your Weaknesses

So there are always some variables in your life that trigger you into having a smoke. Maybe sometimes having a drink, or a meet up with your best friend, or when the weather is really nice; it all depends on person to person. So be sure to avoid these triggers or alter them somehow. Maybe you can eat a nicotine gum when next time the weather gets really nice. Or something else suited more to your persona.

Family and Friends

The people who are living with you can act as very important agents to support you in everything. So be sure to have a few family and friends to be there to support and cheer you on, when you think you are going to relapse.


Nicotine intake is a very addictive habit, so don’t give up. Hang in there! It is going to get better.

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