Nicotine Pouches

To use nicotine in a less harmful way, nicotine pouches are invented. Nicotine pouches are small and lozenge-sized pouches which contain finely powdered tobacco. They don’t stain your teeth as they are smoke free, tobacco free and spit-free. Nicotine pouches are thought to be safer than e-cigarettes as they are smoke free. Some of the newest versions are even tobacco free, which contain nicotine salts and are made of food and food supplements, satisfy your tobacco needs. You can use it when ever and where ever you want by simply placing it under your upper lip.

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Their benefits

Nicotine pouches are among the fastest growing tobacco niches in the UK market today. Users in the UK say they have many advantages as compared to the traditional cigarettes and even vaporizers as they eliminate smoke which basically is dangerous for our lungs. Giving you a vigor pleasure, the taste of nicotine pouches is quite familiar to that of old style tobaccos. These pouches are absorbed through the gums and are proved to be beneficial but you should take no more than 8 servings per day. The benefits these nicotine pouches give are

- Switching to nicotine pouches means you can consume the same amount of nicotine in a harm reduced way as you don’t absorb the substance through lungs like with vaporizers and cigarettes.

- You can use them anywhere and anytime publically without making your surroundings exposed to second hand smoke.

- They eliminate the risk of discoloring your teeth.

- These products are tobacco free and contain natural fibers, fresh fillers, chew based filler and nicotine. They eliminate the runny tobacco taste and deliver a strong nicotine release.

Nicotine pouches at UK Vaper Store

The nicotine pouches at UK Vaper Store are among the most popular across UK due to the variety of flavors they offer. With 27 different flavors on board, they leave you behind with a long lasting experience and satisfying your tobacco cravings. Here you can enjoy the nicotine pouches in a much subtle way with an appealing look and eliminating any traces on your lips and teeth. With a discrete alternate to vaping and smoking, the nicotine pouches at UK vaper store preserve the British culture as they feature different brands in a traditional way.


Their strengths

The nicotine pouches available at UK vaper store come in different strengths so consumers have a choice here. All the flavors have different strengths, like soft, normal, strong and extra strong so you can easily choose among the strength you want. Thanks to the fact as you are able to choose the lower dose of nicotine whose effect is less powerful. As these nicotine pouches provide a long lasting taste, it makes it much easier to cut down the everyday consumption. The flavors at UK vaper store include 5mg, 6mg, 8 mg, 10mg, 12mg, 14mg, 16mg, 18 mg nicotine levels and most of the flavors have 2 nicotine strengths to choose from.

Different flavors at UK vaper store

Here at UK vaper store, you can find a great selection of flavors. With an array of flavors from cool mint, peppermint, spearmint and menthol to sweet and citrus flavors like raspberry, black berry, black current, blue berry, passion fruit, bergamot wild berry to flora, liquor ice, rhubarb and lime flavors too. UK vaper store has got a flavor for everyone!

Difference between the flavors

The nicotine pouches at UK vaper store come in flavors like nicotine free, tobacco free, all white and white tobacco. The nicotine free flavors are usually tobacco free and are made of plant fibers. They are even made from tea to mimic the tobacco taste and aroma. The tobacco free flavors contain nicotine but are free of harmful tobacco. Similarly the all white product is tobacco free but contains nicotine. The white tobacco products contain bleached tobacco leaves and have both nicotine and tobacco.

Nicotine pouches vs. vapes

Since the recent ban on some flavored vape liquids in the US due to deaths and lung illnesses of thousands of people, nicotine pouches have took over the market to a great extend. The sales of nicotine pouches have grown to an unbelievable extend. People are switching more and more here as regarding the health benefits nicotine pouches have over the vapes or traditional cigarettes.


How to use nicotine pouches

The nicotine pouches are very simple to use. All you have to do is to place the nicotine pouch between the upper lip and teeth for almost 20 minutes to one hour. It makes you feel an amazing sensation as the nicotine in the pouches is absorbed in your gums within 10 minutes. When the effect is gone, take it out and put it in the trash container.


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