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The refills which are needed for the Juul kit are known as Juul pods. With a sleek design, these pods are convenient and easy to use. Each pod contains nicotine as much as one pack of cigarettes. It’s perfect for users on the go with no mess. It comes in many tasty flavors with quite affordable prices. It’s a smoking alternate which may seem complicated and intimidating but it has a positive impact on adult smokers as its developed keeping you in mind. They separate themselves from other vape devices by delivering higher nicotine concentrations.

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What are Juul Pods?

They are the portable nicotine delivery device which is designed specifically to imitate the physical and sensory experience of cigarettes. Juul consists of 2 components, the top part has e-liquid cartridge which sticks into the device and its bottom part includes the battery and the temperature regulation system. It contains a mix of nicotine, benzoic acid, glycerol, propylene glycerol and flavors. The mouth piece is the cartridge so you are ready to go. With a closed system, you don’t need to refill the e-liquid like in other vape pens or tank systems and this allows more quality control.

These are the refills of the well known Juul starter kit and Juul C1. Juul and Juul pods were launched in UK in 2018. Previously being a choice of a large percent of vapers in America, it was later introduced in UK as these easy to use pods and kits created a stir with best reasons.

How to use Juul pods

These pods at Juul are designed keeping accessibility in mind. Though some kits are a bit trickier to fill and may not always be convenient to do so. These pods are designed for easy use with no mess at all. They come pre-filled with e-liquid and are slotted directly to the Juul starter kit so you are ready to vape within seconds with the integrated mouth piece on each pod. With the interchangeable nature of the pods, no flavor residue is left from the previously used flavor, which was common with the classic vape tanks. The sizes of the pods with both USB stick and memory card are small and can easily fit in your pocket, so Juul is the best choice for those who are always on the go. Being small and portable just like a USB, you can easily carry it anywhere in your pocket.

Its flavors?

The Juul range introduces 6 tempting flavors, alpine berry, golden tobacco, glacier mint, royal cream, apple orchard and mango nectar. These cartridges are designed keeping different tastes in mind and made with quality ingredients for enhancing their distinct individual flavor.

Every pack for sale contains four pods of the same flavor so it’s a bit tricky to select a flavor of your own taste. This is why the starter kit has 4 different flavors for you so you can try and choose any flavor with confidence.

Technical information

With 0.7 ml of e-liquid, every Juul pod has a high strength till 18 mg of nicotine and a lower strength of 9 mg of nicotine. Every pod has enough liquid for almost 200 puffs, based on your draw length. To provide a stronger nicotine hit, they use nicotine salts to give a similar feel like smoking a cigarette.

How bad is Juul for you

Each hit of Juul packs enough of nicotine punch. As nicotine is a highly addictive substance and each pod has a nicotine content of 0.7 ml which is equal to almost 200 puffs or one pack of cigarette. They are still considered to be safer than regular cigarettes but you still can’t consider any e-cigarette safe or harmless as many think its just vapor that they are inhaling.

Why is juul different from others?

Juul is different from other e-cigarettes because there are no settings in juul. You just take a pull from its mouth piece and it heats up and vaporizes the liquid present inside. With the special temperature regulation technology, it prevents over heating and combustion. So it’s less likely supposed to burn or explode which is a common issue with other vapes.

How can MYBLU compare to Juul pods

MYBLU pods being the competitor of Juul arrive in packs of 2 and are suitable for vapers who want to use less nicotine content in e-liquids. These pods are available in both 9 mg and 18 mg solely depending on your preference. MY BLU pods are available in standard blends too unlike the Juul pods which are exclusively nicotine salts.

Coming in packs of 5, Juul pods have 6 different flavors; they are also available in 9 and 18 mg strengths, targeting those looking forward to entirely but gradually ease off of nicotine.

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