Sub Ohm Tanks

These tanks are atomizers which are designed for producing big clouds. Working like a regular vape tank, they work with higher powered setups. They work with replacement coil heads which are attached to the tanks base. You get intense flavor, warmer vape, more airflow and large clouds with sub-ohm vaping. UK vaper store has selected the best and most innovative sub-ohm tanks of all the well known brands like Freemax, Smok and Aspire and has stocked them up for you at the lowest prices across UK. Most of them feature adjustable air flow and produce large clouds of vaper to satisfy your sub-ohming needs.

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What are sub-ohm vape coils?

The atomizers whose coils are under 1.0 ohm are known as sub-ohm vape coils. They usually range between 0.1 to 0.9 ohms. When sub-ohm tanks are combined with high wattages, they produce thicker and richer vaper clouds. It’s not possible to produce massive vapor clouds with the standard resistance atomizer coils. As a result, the e-liquids flavor is more robust and savory.

Working of Sub-ohm vape tanks

These tanks are crafted in a way to enable the user to take full advantage of the e-liquids rich flavor along with producing massive clouds. They work well with powerful mods which can produce high wattages. With a coil resistance below 1.00 ohm, these tanks use the battery’s power and heat the coil in the tank to vaporize the e-liquid previously saturated within the cotton. Recently the top notch manufacturers have started using other wicking materials and even more advanced coils which has a big impact on flavor production.

These sub-ohm tanks are made for DTL vaping as they utilize pre-build coil heads of 0.5 ohms or lower. These tanks give you a ton of airflow and are designed to mimic the dripping experience along with the ease of using a tank.

Sub-ohm vaping

It’s a style of vaping which produces larger clouds of vapor. Using sub-ohm Clearomizers for vaping is known as sub-ohm vaping. They need high wattage devices to power them. This means they require a power of minimum 40 W but should not exceed 200 W for working effectively. Sub-ohm vaping requires more battery power and burns e-liquid much faster. Though a great benefit sub-ohm vaping provides is makes larger clouds with more vapor. So with a sub-ohm setup, you will consume more e-liquid than normal vape.

Sub-ohm vaping became popular in 2014 and by mid 2016, this was the default standard of most MTL vapers. With sub-ohm vaping, you get enough airflow for direct lung inhalation.

Should I choose sub-ohm vaping?

Sub-ohming is meant for advanced vapers who have its basic knowledge of how to relate ohm law and Watt’s law.  You can only consider sub-ohm vaping, if you have a prior experience with vaping. It’s not recommended for newbie’s. If your vaping goals are to produce, the largest possible vaper clouds, then sub-ohming is meant for you. If all you want is a smooth hit, then sub-ohm vaping is not necessary for you.

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