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Great flavour

Great flavour



Good product



Nice juices



I’ce cool





Taste not right

Product received within 2 days of ordering which is impressive as in lockdown so most packages taking 4-5 days. Sent me a picture of the items before they were sent which is nice touch. Problem is the liquid has no taste to it, usually fruity and distinctive this taste of nothing just a hit of air. Not sure if it’s a bad batch of liquid from manufacturer or it’s been watered down very odd


Excellent for cutting down on nicotine

I have been looking to decrease my nicotine concentration for quite a long time. Recently i was using the Juul pods but they were available in only one nicotine option which was 50mg. This nicotine concentration was pretty high for me as i was looking to cut down on nicotine. So i switched to Juno pods and they offer 3 nicotine concentrations to choose from! This was great and i was able to select my desired nicotine level. The flavors were also very tasty and had a sweet fruity aroma and freshness. I am still using these Juno pods and will continue to do so.


Amazing blend of sweet and sour flavors

Well i am totally astonished after tasting thee Strawberry Kiwi Juno e-liquids. First of all the idea of fusing strawberry with kiwi is so amazing. I have never tasted such a tasty fruit combination before. Both of these fruits perfectly balance each other. I can feel the sweetness of strawberries on the inhale and the fizzy tartness of line on the exhale. This overall provided an excellent blend of sweet and soury flavors.


Great price and awesome quality

I was recently using Juul e-liquid pods and they were quite expensive compared to the quantity. Each pod literally provided about 200 to 250 puffs. So a friend of mine suggested me these Juno pods. I tried these and so far my experience has been quite excellent. These pods cost much less as compared to Juul pods and above that, they offer almost 400 Puffs per Cartridge! This is amazing compared to the price i am paying for these pods. I also love the amazing flavors and the extreme cloud production. These are definitely my go to pods for my starter kits from now!

griffin johnny

perfect combination of strawberry and kiwi

One of the most unique flavor that i have ever tasted. It has the perfect balance of strawberry sweetness and kiwi tartness. Both of these flavors are blended pretty well. I can feel them in every corner of my mouth. They are pretty light on the throat. The nicotine level are very satisfiable. These are one of the best fruit punches i have ever tasted in E-liquids and have the perfect combination of strawberries and kiwis


Sweet cracker treat delight

These Aries Pretzel Graham pods from Juno are a treat for mouth to lung vapers. i have experienced the smoothest vaping sessions with these pods. The flavor is so light on the throat that i hardly experienced any strong throat hit even at 80W to 100W range! The sweet flavor was so good on my taste buds. i will continue using these Juno flavors. They are definitely the best pods in the market.


Excellent combination of savoury flavors

These Juno pods provide excellent flavor quality and a sweet aroma that feels so good on your taste buds. I recently switched from using Juul pods and started vaping on these Juno pods. I have experience more saturated smoke clouds. The nicotine strength is definitely more satisfying compared to Juul pods. I can't get over the amazing flavors. I will recommend these pods to all the mouth to lung lovers.


Best pods for sub-ohm vaping

I have been using these Juno pods for a long time, I have tried them on a number of devices including starter kits and low powered mods. These pods have been perfect for sub ohm vaping. They are light on the throat even at extreme wattages. The flavors blend very nice in the mouth. I love the smoke output too. I am totally satisfied with these Juno Pods and will definitely recommend these to everyone.


smooth flavors and nice nicotine strength

The Juno pods are definitely the tastiest flavours that i have ever had in nicotine based e-liquids. These flavors offer much smoother throat hit as compared to the Juul flavors which i was using previously. The smoke production is tremendous. I was blowing huge smoke clouds all day without experiencing a hard throat hit. These flavors also lasted a long time compared to the Juul pods. They had a sweet fruity aroma and a sugary taste. I will definitely try more of these Juno flavors


excellent taste and good smoke output

The Juno fruit pods are definitely the tastiest fruit punch flavour that i have ever had in nicotine based e-liquids. These flavors offer much soother throat hit as compared to the Juul flavors which i was using previously. The smoke production is tremendous. I was blowing huge smoke clouds all day without experiencing a hard throat hit. These flavors also lasted a long time compared to the Juul pods. They had a sweet fruity aroma and a sugary taste. I will definitely try more of these Juno flavors


great fruit flavour with strong nicotine strength

if you are looking for the perfect balance between flavors and nicotine, then these pods are the best choice for you. i have been experimenting with nicotine based pods since i switched to starter kit. i was recently using the juul pods but was not satisfied with their flavors. they had very less flavor options and were also very expensive. so i switched to juno pods and was amazed with the variety of flavors that juno offers! these juno fruit pods are the tastiest fruit flavoured e-liquids that i have ever tasted. the nicotine strength is excellent. i am rtotally satisfied with these pods. they are much lighter on my pocket as compared to the expensive juul pods. the quanity is also great. i will definetely recommend these


best fruit punch i have ever had

if you are looking for the tastiest fruit flavoured pods in the market, beleive me these juno pods are perfect for you. i have been using them for quite a while now and every time i smoke them, they take me ti a different dimension. I can feel the sweet flavor hitting every part of my mouth. the 18mg nicotine is perfect for s satisfying vaping experience. i will definitely recommend these to all the starter kit users out there. these fruit punch flavors have the perfect sugar and sour balance for a tasty vaping experience.


exceptional sweet fruity taste

If you are looking for the tastiest fruit flavured pods in the market, beleive me these juno pods are perfect for you. I have been using them for quite a while now and every time i smoke them, they take me ti a different dimension. I can feel the sweet flavor hitting every part of my mouth. The 18mg nicotine is perfect for s satisfying vaping experience. i will definitely recommend these to all the starter kit users out there. These fruit punch flavors have the perfect sugar and sour balance for a tasty vaping experience.


whopping capacity and excellent flavour

First of all i am in love with this amazing combination of sugary strawberries with icy mint. i mean both these flavors are so refreshing on the throat. i have been using this flavor for a long time now and still i haven't experienced any strong throat hit. the bottle features a 1.6ml capacity which is great as i was previously using juul pods that had pretty less capacity. i have also tried other fruity juno flavors and all of them are great but i am seriously in love with this strawberry mint flavor


great quantity and exceptional flavor

i have been a juul pod user from quite a while now. recently my friend told me about these juno pods so i thought about giving them a try. i have been using them for two month now. these pods are definitely much more affordable as compared to juul. with juul i was stuck with only one nicotine option but here i can switch between 3 nicotine strengths. these are great for me as i was looking to cut down my nicotine consumption. moreover these flavors are very tasty and the quantity is also very good compared to the juul pods. i will definitely recommend these to someone who prefers mouth to lung vaping.


Berry blast with excellent nicotine quantities

i have been using these strawberry flavored juno pods for over a month now and my experience has been quite amazing thus far. i totally love the combination of sweet strawberry with refreshing mint. both the flavors complement well with one another. i will definitely recommend this to all the fruit flavor lovers out there!


perfect combination of refreshing flavors

i am a huge fan of juno pods. the flavor quality is better that anyone. this cucumber freeze flavor is so refreshing that i can blow it all day long. the nicotine quality is amazing. it feels like i am actually smoking a flavored cigarette. i truly recommend these to everyone who has an interest in nicotine based e-liquids


best nicotine based liquids i have ever tasted!

these are by far the best e-liquids that i have ever tasted. i am in love with this refreshing cucumber flavor. i am not a big fan of mint flavors but these juno pods are amazing. the flavor quality is undoubtedly the best i had so far. the price for which they come is also quite affordable compared to the quantity. i have been vaping these for two weeks now and still my bottle is half available.


great nicotine amount and amazing flavour

i am in love with these juno pod. the flavour is refreshing and the 18mg nicotine is great for an exceptional vaping experience. i never ever felt that the flavor was hitting my throat hard. the quality is great. i strongly recommend these


amazing price and great quantity

well i am astonished with the quantity of these juno pods. i mean i was recently using the juul pods and they lasted for about 5 to 6 days but these e-liquids last for a long time. the quantity is more as compared to juul. i also loved the nicotine amount. they were perfect for a smooth mouth to lung vaping session. the flavor was fizzy and tasty. overall they are a very tasty flavor pods


great lime essence on every inhale

i have always been a fan of citrus fruits so this juno pod aquarius key lime was a perfect treat for me. i witnessed huge smoke clouds on every exhale. these flavors were very smooth on my throat compared to the previous juul ones that i was using. i will continue too use these in the future as i love the quantity and also the price is very affordable compared to the quality of these pods


great nicotine strength

i recently quitted smoking and needed something to fulfill my nicotine thirst. so i bought these juno pods key lime e-liquids and started vaping them on my starter kit, so far i am pretty amazed with the flavor quality and the nicotine strength of these e-liquids. they taste really good and have the right amount of nicotine. i will strongly recommend these to anyone who is looking for a tasty alternative to smoking


great citrus flavour on every inhale

so i recently purchased these lime flavored juno pods and by far my experience have been quite overwhelming. i am pleased with the nicotine concentrations. they were perfect for my mouth to lung starter kit. i deeply acknowledge the strong citrus fizz flavor on the exhale. the quantity of these liquids was very good compared to the price. a single bottle lasted for more than a week and i used to vape throughout the day. i am in love with these lime pods and will continue to use these


best e-liquids if you are looking to cut down on nicotine

so i have been experimenting with nicotine based liquids for quite a long tie now. i was recently using the juul e-liquids but unfortunately they were only available in 50mg nicotine concentrations whereas i was looking to cut down on nicotine therefore i switched to juno. these juno dessert pods have been amazing for me. i am able to cut down on my nicotine consumptio\m. they were very light on my throat and the flavor was also great. i strongly recommend this to all mouth to lung vapers out there


pastry flavour with perfect nicotine that i can vape all day

wow these juno pods dessert are amazing. i mean the flavour quality is beyond explaination. the aroma is simply magic it feels so smooth on my throat. i have been vaping these for over a week now and i have not experienced any throat hits or anything. the flavour has lasted in my mouth for longer that i expected. it had the perfect amount of nicotine that i needed. i truly recommend this product to every one


best nicotine based liquids i have tasted

juno pod dessert has been a treat for me since the day i bought these. i am a smoker and i was looking for an alternative for smoking from quite a long time. i recently bought a mouth to lung kit and have tried lots of e-liquids like juul but nothing proved as a good alternate to cigarettes. but recently these juno liquids have changed my mind. first of all their nicotine strength is superb. the quality is great and fulfills my nicotine craving fully. the flavour is exceptional. it lasts a long time and you can actually feel it on your taste buds. i am totally in love with these e-liquids


creamy delight with exceptional flavour

i am totally in love with these juno nicotine based liquids. i mean the flavour is beyond my expectations. i can vape it all day without hurting my throat. i have not coughed a single tie since vaping this dessert flavor. it was nice on the throat and also provided the complete nicotine balance. i will continue to use this flavor in the future. highly recommended to everyone


amazing flavour and great quality

so i quite recently switched from using juul e-liquids and turned to these juno nic salts and my experience has been quite amazing this far. i have noticed exceptional difference in the Juno quantity as compared to juul. The flavor was more smooth on the throat and it provided a sugar creamy delight on every exhale. i will surely recommend this to everyone!


amazing flavour and great quality

so i quite recently switched from using Juul e-liquids and turned to these Juno nic salts and my experience has been quite amazing this far. i have noticed exceptional difference in the Juno quantity as compared to juul. The flavor was more smooth on the throat and it provided a sugar creamy delight on every exhale. I will surely recommend this to everyone!



Like all others these day , I am also quite involved in social media , frequently posting selfies and snaps . MOMO stick finger holder has aided me a lot in taking my selfie game to the next level . It provides me with a convenient single finger hold to capture beautiful moments whenever I want . The wireless charging capability has enabled me to charge my cellphone from wherever I like . The grip has an ultra thin design which keeps my cellphone completely safe and is quite compatible also . The grip can also act as a dual mount stand . This helped me a lot while driving as my cell phone can mount directly to my car vent mount .



I recently purchased Vype epod golden tobacco pods . My experience with these refills have been good . The flavor had a fruity sweetness to it and was light on the throat . The nicotine salts in it made it quite addictive for me and I would smoke it all day still it did not hurt my throat . The unit that I purchased lasted for about 4 days and it was quite convenient compared to the price I paid for it .



So recently I tried Bowden’s mate vape juice and my experience was quite satisfying . The smoke clouds were not as dense as I was expecting . The flavor overall was really soft on the throat . It tasted like chocolate but had a crispy mint texture also . I tried it at various temperature ranges and it did not hurt my throat at high temperature levels . . The smoke fragrance was also very unique and smelled kind of like candy with a mint texture .

Charles Ryan

Amazing RTA qp Design

Fatality M25 RTA is a black-stainless RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer) which can be equipped to give you the best vaping atmosphere. It has a 25mm Diameter and has airflow stopper with a multi coil configuration option so you can select the best for you to enjoy. I have been using many different RTA but this is like the perfect one and it has suited me.

Alex Tyler

Wonderful Mod

As the Name says it all, The king is a 26mm body made of gold colour which tapers to 25mm on top and has the most unique sleeve top cap design with deep cnc engravings, making sure that you feel royalty as you vape it. Having a fully automated button and safety lock, it truly make sure you get the best vaping experience like a King.

David Harley


The new and improved Glacier mint pods that gives you the feels and provides you with the most perfect vaping all-round experience. Once in your mouth, it scatters all the spearmint, and flavours combustion in your mouth that will absolutely blow your mind. The iccy cotton wick gives you the essence of ice fresh mint and an icy kick. These e-liquid that has been found in the tobacco leaves and gives a more practical experience resembling the same taste as the rich tobacco which all vapers enjoy, giving you the perfect vaping experience.

Joseph Archie

Great Taste

The Devil teeth e-liquid is a great juice which has a taste of honeydew melon flavour. It is a great combination of honeydew melon and spearmint which gives you absolute freshing vaping pleasure of a life time. I really enjoy this tasty and rich flavour.

James Anderson

Amazing e Liquid

The Orchard blends berry limeade is a mixture of orange and mixed berries blended into a taste of citric power and sugary syrup. It is an absolute powerful syrup which gives you an amazing vaping pleasure as you get the sour taste of citric orange juice as well as the sweet sugary taste of ton fruits that blow your mind away. I have been using many juices made by Five pawns and Orchard blends is the best one yet, it is really an absolutely sensational. The rich taste and aroma just gives you the best feeling while vaping.

Max James

Amazing Taste

If you are looking for any type of tobacco free nicotine, these nicotine pouches are just perfect for you. It has a rich taste of spearmint and gives you a tobacco free nicotine experience without damaging like tobacco does, but fulfilling all your pleasure as the pouches act like a substitute of tobacco. Having the same taste of rich tobacco but free of all the dangerous particle which affects your health. Each pack giving you a burst of rich taste when used. The best part is about the taste and the smell of using them. I really like it.

Isaac Teddy

Best Nano Pod kit

If you are looking for something that is more reliable and portable vape for you, it is Smok Mico kit. It is a all in one pod systems and is very lightweight and can be carried anywhere in your pocket. It has a 700mah powerful battery, which gives you a pretty long time for fulfill your smoking desires. The device can be easily be charge by a usb cable and it is very small yet very powerful, like a magic box which protected from any type of accident combustion and gives you the ultimate smoking experience.


Amazing Juice

Double Apple E-Liquid is an amazing juice. It has this incredible taste of crunchy fr s together, and gives you sensational and tasty vaping experience. It really has a freshly nectared taste and can be used for any device. I have been using it for a while and i can say with absolute pleasure that it gives an amazing pleasure.uits and mixture of sweet and sour. It is like a mixture of red and green apple.



The borough E-liquid is really awesome. It has given me the absolute rich taste of a real tobacco. More like a great taste that suits me. It has a evident seal on top so the bottle can be shut air tight and the flavour never fades away. It stays the same and it has the greatest taste. The aroma and the smell is pretty fascination as the juice is really tasty and i have tried many other liquids but this one is really great.


Best Pod Device

The Teros device is an excellent pod system and gives the best vaping pleasures, it has a great battery timing and has a perfect 2 ml tank. It is totally safe and i love it's design and it is very unique in functionality. It has very easy to refill and i think it is very simple. It has this Eco mode, which is great because it gives a longer battery life and LED screen on it. It is truly fascinating. Vaping is never been this great with Teros device. Portable and easy to use, and comes with a usb cable to easily charge the device.


Garden wall



Love ya

DotSquonk is a great device. Fast shipping, rare SE colors are still available, super, thanks!

Olaf D.

A nice and fruity vape

It's all a day vape ... the finest flavor and the glimpse of zesty in the end is amazing and I can vape this all day long and I LIKE IT A LOT...

Joesph K.

An insanely delicious multi dimensional vape

This is a great choice if you like peach n cream. you gonna probably like it if you're a fan of peach yogurt. I'll highly recommend this because I enjoyed it a lot

Lucas M.

Tastiest and Fruitiest vape

It's the tastiest vape I have ever tried ... It feels like taking blueberry and a pineapple jelly bean together...that's how It tastes. One of the best e-juice I have in my collection

Rebecca Ryan

Subtle Flavor

It's a subtle flavor everyone will agree with me. Will give you a strong berry flavor on inhaling and you will get aniseed fragrance n flavor on exhaling and literally it's amazing

Gilberto Santamaria

Different fruit flavors separately

The thing I like most about these e-liquids is that you can enjoy different fruit flavors separately ... banana is most fav fruit and getting its vape is like best thing for me

Chris Brady


Morning vape ... if you like eating an apple daily in the morning then trust me this vape is for you... and I agreed that I pulled it off admirably.


Totally mouth-watering

This cherry flavor is totally mouth-watering... vaping it almost every day because it's a refreshing flavor and i really enjoy it... I'll recommend this , once you'll take it you'll daily crave for it

Mike Gray

scrumptious after fizz

It's a fruity vape so I can vape it all day long ... This e-liquid leaves a spectacular fizz on the tongue which enhanced the flavor and it's really delightful



Makes me cum everytime I vape it.


Not bad

Not bad can taste abit of flavour

Daniel Wade

Something with less Expense!!!

Presence of Clumsiness in my personality always let me down everywhere. But this device saved me from so many disappointments. Micro USB chargeable battery allows me to charge it even if I forget my charger at home. Al though. Being a new in this diversion, I found user manual quite useful. The best part is inhale activation, typically a no dying innovation. The idea of refillable pods is just amazing it allows me to vaporize whatever flavor I want. A big thanks to Smok for giving two extra pods totally free. To a great extent, my after sales expenses are not a big deal anymore. Now I just buy a couple of juices and ended up making for number of months. Not because the pods are free but because they are refillable with the capacity of 2ml. honestly I’ve never found a deal like this before. Output wattage ranging from 10-16 is fabulous and balancing for a new comer in this industry.

Molly Zara

A perfect Bucket of Commends!!!

It was too difficult to imagine my happiness however it is possible for me to put it in the words. At very first moment I got my order within 24 hours which is tremendous in regards of service. As soon as I received my package I found that it contains number of items and most of them are complementary items not accessories that I need to join to get my device beat it. Al though, three free pods, I’ve never expected that number of free pods. Another good aspect is rechargeable battery. My previous device is designed to get start from external batteries which is nothing but annoying at all. Out of all great features I like the idea of draw and down, it is simply letting me rid of from button game to start it. Additionally it is already filled up with 1.6 ml nicotine salt which is quite good for me. Unlike other vapes it has a great sealing which assured me about no leakage from device. I guess keep explaining the rewards make it better and better. A must try device for every pro Vaper.

Steve Morris

Easy Game!!!

Being a beginner I find it very elegant for me. I was bit scared about switching from cigarettes to E-cigarette. Al though, it was not a bad decision and I’m glad I managed to make it. It might be possible because I found the amount of vapor just like smoke from tobacco cigarettes. It is quite simple unlike other devices, my friends using, it is not like I have to press buttons number of times to get it started. Just simply stick it in mouth and there I go. The best part is just like conventional cigarettes it give me a good nicotine hit without realizing the fact, I’m using a vape. Besides it is better than conservative style in terms of health issues. However, I found it quite diverse in terms of combinations. Now I’m switching towards from simple to pod style to bring a change for good. Maybe sooner or later I will shift myself from nicotine juice to nicotine sault.

Luna Moon


Ive been using some local coils from very start and it is simple that everything is better until you found something better than current. However it showed up on my news feed. Also, it was very cheap to buy so I take a chance of trying it and I have never enjoyed my device like this before. They are portables but trust me, in my opinion, it seems like it is built in and never be a portable device anymore. It is perfectly suitable for device with rich amount of flavor hit. Also the diverse range of wattage is something I never expected and found very pleasing factor. Al though, the coils containing cotton is the best thing I like about this piece of acknowledgement. Honestly, Ive never seen such compatibility anywhere in whole world of vaping

Casey Adams


I finally decided to get rid of my own device. I switched on DotMod dotMTL, perhaps, in start it felt like I took a wrong decision but after using it for few times, it was worthy deal. Mostly I prefer RDA (my own buildable coils). In this I had RTA that I had to do it on cartridge also it was a bit time consuming for me. Al though, it is what I’m looking for, just like other devices it is mouth or lung but unlike other devices it is far better than its competitors. I’m glad that I found this masterpiece without any extra effort. I’ve been using nicotine salts from long time and this device allowed me to try freebase nicotine. However, sometimes it is bit annoying that it had hidden airflow but anyway it is a fabulous product. Just like this I’m looking for future as well. Also, thanks for complementary units of accessories

Maxie Kane

Just supperbb

One of the best item with perfect potential of holding my notion. Every part of the tank is on point and characteristically functioned. I found it fine because there is no point of leakage everything is perfectly seal croft. Many times I faced the issue of cartridge leakage and juice outflow but as long as I using this, there is no chance of mess and untidiness. The juice liquid capacity is fine although I really appreciate the idea of RBA because I like to do most of my things by my hands and yet it is perfect for me to design my own coils to use with this device. In terms of satisfaction, it is tremendous because of increasing intensity of flavor after every puff. I guess it is not going to die easily, in fact, it took me a whole year to get bored of this thing. A flawless worth of my money

Tommy Washington

Blessed because always Impressed

Just like good old days, Five Pawns never disappoints me. Al though this commend is neither about five pawns nor about the flavor. I have been using other sites the whole time. One day I was finding some stuff (don’t exactly remember the name of thing), then suddenly my friend forced me to go through UKVapers. That was the first day for UKVaper and last day for other sites. From that day onward I’ve been using UKVapers for my collection Vaping and all that stuff. Thank you UKVapers for always keep the high hopes of your customers. Your operation excellence, Spot on delivery, keeping the customers up to date everything deserves individual gratefulness.

Marry Bayer

Authentic Deal!!

Finally a worthy item out from whole industry. As soon as I read the description and items package includes and I failed to resist and ordered it on very first point. Luckily, the way it seems it is something more than that. I have seen many other products costing €50 and more than that with no extra ordinary competencies in fact, not only physically but also operationally, they were just bad. The variable wattage, ranging from 7w-50w is just way more than expectation. The battery timing of 1100 is tremendous with a plus point of built in. I have been using separate batteries systems from long time and yet this is a big turning point for me. I don’t know how it could be in other colors but black is already slaying. The body material is quite beautiful and enforces me to hold as long as I can. I guess it is a perfect value of money.

Nicky Colen

Life Saver!!

It is a perfect match for my environment and surroundings. Usually none of my family member is a smoker and for my domestics this kind of digital vapes are nothing but a monster type of cigarette, nothing else. As a user of other devices I found it unique but I realized it is also helpful for saving my arse. Its shape is just perfect and also gave me huge idea of what it is containing inside. The 3000m Ah battery is more than enough. A week with this device fully charged is going nowhere. Back to few days, I was using the devices which hardly contains 2.0 or maximum 3.0 ml of liquid but 4.0 ml of liquid is providing me enough room to whenever I want to add some nicotine salt in it or not. Lastly, I would say its dip, just like its whole body shape, is quite mouthful to not let you miss any moment of joy.

Alison Garcia

Naturistic Experience!!!

Being a perfectionist is not so easy. At first, I’m in this vaping activity and secondly I always try to find everything natural in it just like other parameters of my life. I was going through variety of flavors but the only think that hit me is this Green Apple Flavor. Just like this flavors origin, it give me sensation of fresh and ready to blast. Al though, it is the only one in my collection with more importance. Usually I use after sale juices with mixture of nicotine but it doesn’t requires any content of nicotine with it. Sometimes, it is better to be natural. Al though it doesn’t lasts long, being an excessive user of vape I ran out of a pod within two days. It hardly let me go by a week after that I had to get back to buy my new pods. But, still it is the thing that I always count in my “to do” list.


splendid combo...

A perfect breakfast vape ... pineapple merge with kiwi already a spectacular combination ... it's really sweet you'll prolly like it if you love sweet treats


you'll defiantly love it !!!

strawberry with glimpse of banana a perfect fruity flavor with sweetness ... if you guys are fan of banana strawberry smoothie then go for this e-liquid you'll not disappoint instead you'll defiantly love it !!

Andy C

It's very fresh new flavor

It's very fresh new flavor ... mango lovers should go for it right now ... this blend is amazing , mango with passion fruit ... firstly you'll get a taste of mango on inhaling then on exhaling you'll get the taste of passion fruit and will feel it's slightly tart flavor

Jake Muller


One of the neediest item so far. I was using different vape devices from start of my hobby. Being a diverse customer is always not so easy. It is exciting to have such a huge collection but I found it expensive in terms of after sales services. Al though I managed to maintain my portfolio but it is the only thing that was lacking and disturbing me up till now. Glad to see this on online outlet of you guys. Besides, it’s not because of its only availability on your store but also because of fine structure and somatic traits. The gaping structure of coils making it more suitable for proper consumption of juice. It’s perfect for me because I mostly go for direct lungs experience and its resistance is fair enough to let me enjoy my wish. Al though, its compatibility with almost every device makes it spotlight stealer.

Kris wo

pleasant flavor.

When you gonna inhale it ... you'll get a fruity blend of grape and on exhaling you'll get the hint of raspberry ... it's such a pleasant flavor.

OG Loc

Best headline of my life!!!

Finally my wait is over. I’ve been looking for Juno Pods Tobacco on every site and disappointingly I had to go and buy from physical outlets. At some point I am about to quite vaping because of not finding it anywhere. My discipline of job is quite hectic and I had to go for most of the things through only stores. Perhaps, I was always willing to find it by any online retailer and always failed to get them. Right now am feeling lucky and honored to be a customer of UKVapers. I’m glad that I no longer need to visit sites and get out of house to get my pods game ready to go. They are just came available and I had already ordered them thrice. I’m glad you guys even exist. The customer satisfaction game of you guys is excessively strong.

Riley Keith

Desperate Wait

I have been using Smok RPM 40 vape kit from last seven months and it is always a tough job to get Smok RPM 40 Replacement Pods most of the retailers are offering them on higher prices with pathetic delivery time. At the very first point, they are not easily available on every retailer’s site. I had already looked at your site and after 5 to 6 times I saw them on your shelf. The price is quite reasonable just like your other products as compared to other retailers. I had a good experience with UKVapers and am expecting it will never go off throughout my life. Please let me know when it would be available. I guess it won’t take so long to be obtainable.

Mathew Cohen

A worthy gift

One of my friend gifted me Smok Novo Kit. Sadly, I had to buy Smok Novo Pods by myself. But believe me folks, it worth to buy myself. I have never this happy before in any experience regarding vaping. The allegiant shape with no mess of leakage is not for seasonal vapers. Being using this device is just making me fall in love with pods not the actual device which is quite hilarious. As I had spent the money so I need to try both coils and luckily both of them are on the point. Personally I like 0.8 ohm mesh coil because I always prefer direct lung draw but 1.2 ohm standard coil is good enough for a mediocre and newbie vaper. I always like to go for flavor taste rather than nicotine throat, so its 2 ml bottle is enough to carry juice with addition of 18 mg salt which is not for my purpose but it is quite suitable for every kind of vaper.

Henrick Cicil

Tough Innovation

At start, I found them just like prefilled pods and I bought them because of purpose to not refilling them again and again. But later on I realized they are not as simple as they look. Now I am vaping from at least one year and got to know that they are carrying 1.0 ohm resistance that’s why they gave me better vapors than others. Back to old days my average pods only made me go through hardly by three days but after switching on Lost Vape Orion Q 2pk my average pods life span is a week which is more than good for me. The cotton, I don’t know what type it is, but it is great for the fact that cotton is juiced enough to not disappoint me. Also, the airflow control is fine to give mouth to lungs or directs lungs experience. I guess I’m never going to be disappoint from Lost Vape Orion Q 2pk Replacement Pods and neither there innovation will going to be obsolete.

Elizabeth Gini

wait of fate

I was just visiting your site to place an order and found out that there is you’re going to offer SNOWWOLF MINI PLUS BOX MOD relevantly at lower price. I had no clue of what kind of kit it is because I have never used any LAISIMO product before. However, the key features are grabbing my attention continuously. I have found very few aluminum products and yet I have had a good experience with them. Usually my devices get short circuit and become a piece of junk. I am wishing that it would be a protective product with competency of baring the electric shock. Output range is also good but the battery power of 3000 m Ah is more important aspect for me. I hope you UKVapers let me know when it comes available in stock.

Jill Connor


A great friend for my summer time. Being on summer vacations in Hawaii purple soda is best thing ever happened to me, should have ordered more than one so I could make it longer. A perfect blend of berries and fruits to give me sensation in burning hot summer. At start, it was just ok for me with no nicotine because the flavor itself good enough to keep me happy but later on I found out that we can add nicotine in it so in that sense, I have missed a little more fun part but it is a great experience for my next time. The ceiling of bottle and cap quality is just a perfect indictor of originality and insurance of no leakage. Price value of money is perfect in fact, it is a best compliment for pro vapers, the one who prefers sub ohm vaping experience.

Tim Samuel

More than Expectations

In comparison with its rival it is far more revolutionary. It is better in every aspect. No leakage, No flavor excessiveness, perfect throat hit, a balance between nicotine and juice everything I found in it. A perfect handy device that fits in my hand and boost up my confidence. A perfect signature of allegiance I have ever found in my life. Based on TPD compliance I got the one with 2 ml capacity of tank which is not bad at all in fact, it is extra ordinary for me. The interesting fact is use of NRG tank from revenger. A well-known reliable manufacturer Smores. This is not all, the package I received made my happiness a lot more than expectation when I found an extra coil and an extra tank. It is a top notch match to take care of the customers. However, it had an option of external batteries which I found of no use for myself but I’m sure some people find it good too.

Nicky Holland

Forerunner for Forefathers

Just like its predecessor, it never disappoints me. The physical traits are just on point to make it a reliable product. The perfect match is its Clio tank. Clio tanks are just amazing because of physical compatibility and the amount of juice it contains. 3.5 ml of juice in one attempt is just amazing. The battery of 2000 m Ah makes it more joyful because of long-lasting duration. 2 atomizes are just fabulous for me, with that quality only one atomizer is enough, so the double makes it more attractive in terms of taking care. The battery indication is just like the other devices, for me it is better than good to see light indication rather than reading the remaining batter percentage. However, it is just ordinary because it is 0.27 ohm and I used to use 0.3 ohm coils. Anyway, it is a fine product and on spot of the need.

Ryan Basher

Lesson of Tension

Quieting the smoking is not an easy decision. When I quiet the smoking I was so confident but after hardly two days I was to my cravings. I was too much in my head and then my friend recommend me to visit UKVapers. Too be honest, I am still too much in my head because you have a lot of products and it is difficult for me to decided which start kit I buy. Out of all I chose the JUUL STARTER KIT- it is a great substitute because when I vape the amount of vapor is just same as the smoke of cigarette. Besides, it is a cheap product with long term service. By the grace of experience, I am using it from last month and yet I didn’t get craved single time after using this.

Matilda Josh

A worthy change with wide range

I might be an exceptional case, because I came from Hookah Background. I switched to vaping because I find it very time consuming to dedicate my half hour to prepare my sensational prototype. Usually in Hookah Community most of the members prefer mint and menthol flavor and I was one of them. To switch from Hookah to Vape is not because I was so concerned about my health but the time of hookah to get ready and go. Perhaps, I love my experience and I want to bring same vibes in this practice. Unlike my expectations, I found it same as it was way before. The 4 units of pods is enough to keep me up for my stock, besides, it is way cheaper than hookah’s expense. The best part of my decision, now I can smoke hookah anywhere.

Cathie Stormy

A remarkable Effort

I’ve tried so many strawberry flavors but I didn’t find them any good. Perhaps, from the originality to adaption I like to have strawberry just like the way it gives flavor in fruit nature. Luckily, I found JuNo Gemini strawberry Pods they are far better than others because the mixture of strawberry and Kiwi is a fine balance between sweat and sour just like original flavor and taste of strawberry. Although, Kiwi is still a good flavor, but for me it is a balancing agent. I still have more expectations and yet, JuNo is trying way hard to meet my expectation. That kind of effort must be appreciated to give me something to keep coming back to them. This work by JuNo is enough to insist me to show concern towards other flavors as well.

Nate K.

Fresh Flavor

fresh flavor menthol and peppermint... really refreshing and and highly recommended

Brett Johnson

Thankfully this variant is without mint!

Thankfully this variant is without mint! ... flavor is subtle but satisfying ... using this actually feels like party at work xD ... ENJOYABLE !!!


Strong snus with nice oral hygiene

Balance taste and enjoyable hit. These pouches provide quick kick of long lasting nicotine delivery. Wild berry is aperitive. If you like strong snus but want to keep a nice oral hygiene then you are at home here!


modern but still classic flavor

It have smooth taste of mild and sweet elderflower. This flavor is modern one but still a classic. These portions delivers both a fresh taste and dose of nicotine


Taste as it sound

Lyft Winterchill taste as it sound. it's one of the strongest products. Has a crisp and icy taste of mint that is rounded off with wood tones for both a fresh and sweet experience

Sara Almana

Tropical taste

Taste of mandarin and passion fruit is savory. tropic breeze offers a refreshing tropical taste with mellow nicotine levels



Oral nicotine delivery experience with super cool menthol and full-bodied sweetness from spearmint is just astounding ...

Russel John

Engage to Change!!!

That new look with same prodigious performance is just amazing. I was using Istick but the only thing lacking was the size issue, more likely carrying issue. The body orientation was bothersome because it give others clear idea about you carrying something that you don’t want to show. Mini stick is just like a square shape with less conspicuousness. Although I like that they take care of other things as well. Being a hard core fan of vaping it is pleasing for me to vape while charging (No Patience). The battery timing is just tremendous 1050 mAh power. I found user manual quite helpful because with the help of that I came to know that I can vape while charging this piece of treasure.

Nick Bennett

Nice blend

crispy watermelon flavor and crispy cooling menthol with notes of sweetness a perfect blend ... they're similar to snus pouches but stunned thing is this that these don't contain tobacco

Jason Orum

Reasonably CHeap!!!

Cheapest yet reliable deal. I like the flavor because it contains so many ingredients in itself. The fruit cake fusion with blueberries is deadly arrangement. I like the etymology because a nicotine with the combination of sweat is something that everyone wants. Quitting the drugs was not easy but can be bearable with this piece of fine refinement. Sooner or later other flavors would be in to my do list. But before that I guess I found that would never let me down and disappoint. Besides, I’m not the kind of guy who got fed up of something using repeatedly.


Discreet stuff

if you want something refreshing just grab this one ... it amazingly delivers a fresh burst of cool mint with glimpse of sweet spearmint

Garry Oldman

Handy Work!!!

Removal of dependence. Being a tough guy and handy man. I like to do my stuff most of the time by myself. I enjoy my devices by assembling them. There are different brands offering pods, kits etc. usually others don’t like these fundamentals to be strain full. But I am a kind of guy who enjoy these kind of stuff. About the product, I would say that spare place on the both end of the coil is enough to absorb the higher amount of juice. The flavor game is tough with perfect placement.

Nisha Harris

Foremost substitute

I’ve found it funny to relate it with meme phrase “modern problem requires modern solution”. Now observing my peers experience it, I would definitely say “modern problem requires modern solution”. While it was in trend so I decided to give it a try. The most, I would say, acknowledgment about it saving you to get judged. Smoking a cigarette is something more than a stereotype for a female. It give me a nicotine buzz which is enough to make me feel a rebirth. It is versatile enough to mold it according to need. The strength of 5-16 mg is just the matter of time, but for me it is matter of the mood. Also, I am happy than before because it give me more good time with no fear of any disease that are associated with conventional way of taking nicotine.

Casey Lohan

A walk to remember :D

It is quite silly that I bought this flavor because of my start but eventually ended up falling in love with this. Being a citrus fan I liked it in start but ultimately the blend of lemon and cinnamon took my taste buds too far. Now I am using it routine-wise without getting fed up of it. Also I am too much excited that I have 20 ml of bottle which help me to go through for a month. I will simply say, some experiments meant to be happen.

Winston Romeo

The only thing i Admire is Aspire

Same product with new greatness. The 2 ml tank is enough to let you go through. I like how strong immense flavor it gives. The thing I like the most is it doesn’t require to open, there is a spot beneath it from where you can refill the tank. Two coils out of which I found 0.15 mesh more reliable and fine. The airflow is just on spot to balance a person. Right now I am a new comer in this community but its compatibility with other aspire devices will definitely make me a pro vaper. I guess it is the only thing that was lacking and makes a man pro vaper. Hard flavor with perfect throat hit always keep me excited. Retain it Up Aspire.

Nicole Alice

Shape of a perfect Vape

The most unique shape I have ever used in my life. It is a simple device with no extra effort. Once ion the device with simple five clicks, I don’t need to hold the button to puff. A dedicate space for 2 ml of nicotine salt is another remarkable feature. It is convenient for me to either switch on liquid or salt. Another notable aspect is it is a compact device with replaceable pods. The compliment is the part I like the most. A free pod with it. Also I liked it way too much because I have some issues with my taste buds and with that I don’t even feel this problem a bit. Another innovative act is switching the power written indication with color indication. It is a fine product that I am recommending my friends while recommending them through a message I am using it.

Gracie velvet

Future Game

The future is right now. A great innovation, I guess not yet but after a year every company try to introduce their own prototype. Usually I get annoyed when I have to carry my pods, my stuff everywhere. But thanks to VGOD who made my life more convenient. Whenever I leave my hometown I just simply grab this disposable pods. The context of flavor is much better than my expectation. A blend of Cuban cigar with vanilla custard is nothing but awesome. Also, it is perfect for me because it is always ready to beat. A simple pod stick is just exactly like 20 cigarettes, enough to fulfil my nicotine dose. 1.2 ml of nicotine salt with strength of 20 mg is enough to make your two days worthy.

Jason Smith

Strong Nicotine

pretty comfortable ... natural lime smell ... have strong level of nicotine and perfect sensation


Actually really amazing

It have a really strong cool menthol effect that's actually amazing ... it doesn't have a huge amount of nicotine present in it but it hits really hard n that's most appreciable part

Micky Mars

A BenchMark

A best match for my simple personality. The solid piece of Aluminium and Titanium with no leakage of cartridge. The most attractive thing is mechanical mod type. In my opinion it is perfect because I don’t usually like products with so many features besides its default 150 wattage flow is a fine combination with mechanical operations. The body of stainless steel and zinc alloy made it easy to carry with no sensitive care of not getting drop it. Al though it is simple like its predecessors means I only need to press the button five times to roll it. The temperature control and airflow is also satisfactory but just satisfactory not extra ordinary because after some time the body starts getting heat up. Anyway it is a perfect prototype of industry that would help VGOD to prevail.

George N

Best for quitting tobacco but not nicotine

This nicotine pouches are highly recommended for those who want to quit tobacco but not nicotine ... and it's really safe because we don't consume it through lungs ... pouches inside are really soft and very comfortable under the lips.. it have pretty sharp n focus peppermint smell ... after putting in mouth it feels really pleasant and the in background there is a hint of menthol .. it's sweet but not to much and overall it's really good

George N

Best for quitting tobacco but not nicotine

This nicotine pouches are highly recommended for those who want to quit tobacco but not nicotine ... and it's really safe because we don't consume it through lungs ... pouches inside are really soft and very comfortable under the lips.. it have pretty sharp n focus peppermint smell ... after putting in mouth it feels really pleasant and the in background there is a hint of menthol .. it's sweet but not to much and overall it's really good

Jerry o ,Mara


At start I thought it is a dense box just made of tin and plastic but later on it start making sense that it is made of best plastic and tin for a lethal combination. The arctic style of its casing is loveable. I simply bought it for its décor but things turned out differently. The diverse options of changing the wattage is way out of the box. From 50 wattage (I used to think it’s enough for me) to 200 wattage. The range of wattage control allowed me to explore and enjoy my experience more than before. So, in simple words my journey is “from Noob to Pro”.


Free of cost

A pack of with enough amount to satisfy me. 0.6 ohm resistance is nothing but a fabulous for complementary products. Yet the best party is they are capable of baring from 25- 45 wattage of flow. Also the coils are dual head core and I cannot be able to deny its coolness. <3

Alex Methew


It is difficult when you are looking for a change. I recently tried to swap from smoking to vaping but it was a terrible experience. Al Though, I was just about to go back to smoking again. A friend of mine suggested me to give it a try. I like how it breeze through mouth to lung, just make you feel like you are smoking but in a better environment. The spotless aspect is its shape that puts me in between of Hookah and Cigarette so I could place myself for vaping. The compatibility facet is far more comprehensive. It allows me and motivates me to try other devices of this industry. This device is nothing, a bridge between not only smoking to vaping as well as new comer to pro. A great Originality of Prodigious industry.

Albert L.


I tried this one now it's one of my fav salt because it have so much flavors ... it taste like minty mangoes and it's really spectacular


Great caramel vanilla tobacco mix

Nice vape for people quitting cigs ... not a wacky flavor actually bronze is a great flavor n work really good with my vape

Matthew Koble

Amazing juice.

The flavor tastes like a strawberry with other berries or something else in it but I enjoy it... it's Sweet, but it didn't overpowering, and even at higher nic levels it's really smooth

Joshua Culton

When it comes to vape , Grape is my fav

Really enjoying this product taste and smell... when it comes to vape , grape is my fav... if you're fan of grape you must go with this because every hit you get the best out of it

Kenneth B


I love all the jam monster juices. Raspberry is my favorite. If you love sweet its for you ... and Title says it all

Kenneth B


I love all the jam monster juices. Raspberry is my favorite. If you love sweet its for you ... and Title says it all

Michael Holoway

Give it a try today, you won't regret it!

nice creamy smooth peanut butter taste that isn't overwhelming and finishes of with the strawberry jam flavor.Give it a try today, you won't regret it!

Steven D.

This jam monster juice is divine

mixed berry jam monster is another great e-juice by jam monster????... mix berry is kind of mixture of Raspberry and strawberry. However, I think I taste blackberry as well and either way... Raspberry and strawberry. this jam monster juice is divine

Samantha K.

Love this blend ...

Grapes with toast butter is a mouth watery combo ... N i love this blend ... sweet grapes taste is just splendid n It's got an awesome flavor and decent clouds



Never thought combo of toast jam and butter would ever be such an incredible vape... This was the first ever e-liquid I tried that had butter in it and I definitely recommend this . All of the flavor notes are there and and blueberry lovers will love this indeed.


Deserves a try before one's die

Back to a month, it was a time in my life that I want to decrease the nicotine consumption for my body. Although, a swap from cigarette to vape was appreciating for me but I want to make it as far as possible. Now decreasing the nicotine consumption means, a need of another addiction. Perhaps, my friend suggested to me to place an order including Alpha 2.0 E-liquid. Frankly, out of the whole order it is the only thing that was important and only thing that worth. A perfect blend of menthol and watermelon is not a juice for me but an addictive agent for me. After all it never disappoints whatever decision you take.

Benson Coloney

Too early to be feasible

It is amazing that we have refillable pods but it is even more surprising when I found out that we have pods with even higher capacity. I only find refillable pod in Voopoo drag kit but they only contains liquid amounting 1 ml but now thanks to SMOK. That 2 ml pods are nothing but the double in capacity of Voopoo. Where I end up running out of juice, proudly I made more than a day or even two days. This is something that came in the market too early cause it worth waiting for.


No match of distinctiveness

One of the smallest Pod kit I have ever seen in my life. The best thing in my opinion is its handful size. A faultless size not bigger neither smaller. 750 mah battery is enough to serve me as long as possible. It is not about my daily consumption because it varies according to my leisure time. Being a clumsy person it was so annoying that I ran out of charging so the light indication is always there to inform me about my device. At start it was substandard that the pods come only with 1 ml capacity. But as soon as find out that they are refillable so it become much easier for me to take care of my need. Now I simply just buy the larger bottle of juice to keep refiling my pods time to time.

Mist Step.

Empire the one and only Aspire

Not taking care of my devices and being an unhygienic, I’m a mess for all of my stuff. Usually I got some others issue. But back to few days I usually get my coils abandoned. It was nothing but a headache for me that after every week or fortnight, I had to get new coils. But this service pack is nothing but helped me to forget about my coils issue. Luckily, it showed up on the UKVapers at very first sight and at perfect time. Being a needy of this I placed my order as soon as possible. Thanks to God! It took only 6 hours to get my order reach. Now I don’t even both to check up on my coils. Another significance is the balance of 1.2 ohm coil. Usually, these coils get burned after using once or twice and here I’m using it frequently from last month. Just like others, it was worthy to give aspire a try.

Yann Patron

Aspire to inspire

All these products are extremely cool, I was so shocked and curious when I looked at the size of my order. At first I thought Aspire had a gift of betrayal for me. But as soon as I started using, it start making the sense that how equable actually aspire really is. The 1000 mAH battery with perfect match of 2 ml liquid. God!! This is better than good. A perfect and decent color for me was also available so yes, I’m talking about grey. The versatility that I didn’t need was complimentary, I use 0.6 ohm coil but it was a part of package to take 1.0 ohm coil as well. Also it was free so it doesn’t bother me. The best part is charging. I usually travel a lot because of nature of my job so I usually charge it in my car. It is just like you can vape anywhere anytime. $25 price is like it is free of cost and ultimately it is a gift for customer not the gift for betrayal. Thank you aspire to always inspire.

Elisabeth Ronnie

Golden Teeth

Being not an addict of nicotine, it was difficult for me to find out juices without nicotine. I was quite disappointing when I have to go and send hours and hours to look out for my kind of juice but thanks to UKVapers, my very own seller who keep me up to date to refill my stock time to time. Another fruitful aspect that forces me to take it handy is its Italian lime. Being conventional, I am more Italian and less American. So it gives me the eclipse of the taste of my ancestors. The bottle limit of 120 ml is just amazing. It took me a month or sometimes a month and a week to come back to place and order and that 120 ml is just more than enough to not get me worried about refiling my stock. Luckily when I order to refill my stuff, the bottle still had enough juice to serve me for two or three days. Keep It Up UKVapers.


Every hit is amazing

BlackBerry rich flavor is very distinguished... with airflow open you to get more fruit flavor and less airflow will get you more butter toast simply every hit is amazing


Distinct flavore

All of these e-liquids are really cool but if you like apple then don't wait n grab one because it'll match your taste perfectly... Apple Butter Jam balanced with creamy butter and toast Jam such a distinct flavor.

Oliver Thomas

JuNo is all i know!!

Juno is nothing but for me, it is a sophisticated slice of Alloy. Being a perfectionist I preferred it because it requires no button to operate. The light indication for every certainty of battery life. Perfectly sized to fit in my pocket. The incredible thing about it the high nicotine with less vapor, a typical feel of using a cigarette. Although I’m not a starter still it is pros-friendly, firm nicotine hit for pro and a conventional smoker. 1.6ml bottle of juice with 36mg nicotine is amazing. I had already tried all the flavors but in my opinion, dessert is the best one so far. That small piece of aluminum is the reason why JuNo always an itch in my pants.

Tod Messum

A blue ocean

A great novelty for boundless tenure. I was glad to find out that something came in the market which doesn’t require the process of inhaling and exhaling to get nicotine. It is quite interesting that it is tobacco free and doesn’t requires burn to provide nicotine so I buckled up myself to check it out. When I bought it, I was so curious to find out that what would be the ingredients of this stunning success. Surprisingly, it consists of natural fibers with the mixture of menthol e-liquid along with flavor. Simply i put it between the upper lips and teeth’s and ready to get go. After the duration of ten minutes it gave me a sensation. Initially, I tried menthol but now I’m looking for peppermint. I used the 6mg nicotine pouch. Its smell is nice and sweat that doesn’t bother my breathing odor at all. Another important representative feature is its disposable partition. At start I thought it would be shameful for me to spitting out but later on that feature saved me from my fear of humiliation.


Solid Deal!!

Some real good shit. Two pods with dual mesh coil and single mesh coil is lethal combination. A committed smoker like me will definitely find it a real good deal. A perfect assessment of my money. Being a hardcore and moody person the best party is the variation from 50 watt to 80 watt. Perfect flow of air especially I experienced in one mesh coil. Lastly, that design give me a great touch with my dark metal taste. A perfect compact device to keep me stoned for my type of sensation. If someone wants an opinion from me, I would say Hell Yeah!!!

Ronson Rs

Ease to please!

I was quite nervous about taking risk that rather I would try it or not. But thanks to my friend who enforced me to considering this concern. Eventually turned out a positive experience. Usually I don’t consider spending too much money for things. Being a product hunter it had a great experience because of its new offer of getting register and get 6 month warranty. Most of the time it is confusing that what flavor I use. But for me their limited flavor edition made my work bit more easy. The only two pods allows me to take a decision to what I should use today. Also, limited amount of exhaling stuff is good to vape indoor. Keep the thinks simple to keep my kind of customers loyal. THUMBS UP!!


Deeply Elegant flavor, fairly balanced

This is best peanut butter, caramel flavor ever, no one can Disagree One of my top 3 favourite juices ... the only brand that helps you quit smoking because of these spectacular flavors ...

David John


The only think that was lacking in my bucket. All I had a hobby of vaping. But sometimes I get disappoints when I ran out of charging. Sadly, I had a trip last month and I faced the same issue. But I guess this novelty never let me down. My professional life is quite hectic and I didn’t get much time to charge my device. The most surprising thing is its capacity of 1270 mAh. It allows me to recharge my device three times which is more than enough. So I guess this power bank of my interest will make me tension-less from this headache. Luckily, I was ordering so much stuff and that piece of need appears at the right time. I hope that this will make my familiarity much extraordinary.


sweet flavor but not too much sweet

I have been using this flavor for more then a year n still this is one of the. best flavor ... it's taste like a fresh baked apple pie ... vanilla n heavy whipped cream enhance the taste buds... it's smooth sweet but not too much sweet


bourbon n coconut with hints of chocolate

I can't say anything bout this flavor except this is really great ... if you like the taste of bourbon and coconut and hints of chocolate then trust me this best treat for your taste buds... it's a very complex flavorful e-liquid... it's not I can vape all the time but I love it whenever I do vape

Mark Jr.

Buying Happiness

An amazing step by JUUl. I was a kind of person who make mess of everything but this product made my life much easier. Usually when I refile my tank in other devices, ended up making an untidiness. But now these portable pods are making my life more convenient. All I need to change my pod when it gets empty. These 4 pods are enough to make my month a memorable trip. The tank capacity of 0.7 ml is perfectly fine. Also, the 18mg content of nicotine give me a fruitful throat hit. One thing that made me more pleasing about it, the dip. A faultlessly elastic fiber to pinch in the mouth with user-friendly experience. This experience keep me bound to stay loyal with JUUL.


Nice experience

Dissimilar to other complementary products it is not as most of us expected. It is designed in high-quality Aluminum. At first, I thought they are made of plastic or some low-cost material. But when I experienced this harmonizing piece of matter all my thoughts are transformed into positive knowledge.

David S. Kennedy


As soon as I received my order, I realized that Dot Mod deserves appreciation. It is amazing because it gives u a glimpse of nature. All of the styles are emotional bridges but personally I liked cloud-style more. The quality and cutting of edges also very fine.

William Joseph

Beginners Match

Juul is a beginner-oriented product. A smoker like me usually prefers hard smoke with fewer amounts. Similarly, Juul allows you to inhale vapors in the content of smoke. Its starter kit is the reason for smokers to switch from smoking to vaping. It comes with 4 different pods. That disappoints element in this is only a pros experience. A pro always wants a throat hit that it doesn’t provide at all. Another fascinating factor is the reformed charging style. It comes with a pod-like item that gets connect with it to charge magnetically. In terms of physical design, it is quite simple u just need or plug or unplug the pods according to the consequences. Talking about the nicotine buzz, it is not enough for me and most of the vapers. Battery timing is quite short. The light indication doesn’t require any button press, one’ sneed to simply shake it to observe the remaining battery indication. although its turn over just exactly to its price which is $29.99

Arthur Phoenix

Value of money

A continues revolution in this industry enforced me to try smoking fetch mini. I would personally say it is a top-notch product. The most important feature, in my opinion, is device locking mechanics. You can Power lock your whole device just to stay secure. Because in my case, usually, kids keep playing with stuff that I don’t want them to touch. Another notable feature is voltage locking. For a beginner, it is quite useful for the rate of usage. In other terms, it would be considered a prerequisite for virgin smokers. Battery time is amazing. It,s color structure is quite gullible. Usually, when I go out I don’t need to put all my focus just to change the watt. Unlike other products it allows you to produce less noise. It requires less time to get fully charged sideways, it gives you display about percentage battery that had been already done. Last but the most important trait is the compatibility of RPM40’s coil in it. These are the features that always keep me to stay loyal to SMOK.

Brayo Rayo

Nice Flavor

This isn't the best liquid I've tasted from the far range, anyway it is pleasant and has a decent sweet flavor despite the fact that I'm not to sure what it is! Deffinatly worth an attempt and I would get it once more.

Sacha Gross

Good delivery service

Excellent service great delivery charges fast shipment good tracking.

Tilda Johnson

Good product quality

Strongly recommended the product quality was good will surely buy again from them.

Grais Bridget

fast delivery

I m impressed due to your fast delivery and email response

David Warner

I love this product

This is my kinda stuff, fast delivery good Quality. Kudos to you guys.






Good product

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