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Vype ePen 3 Indigo Dive Pods (Pack of 2)

Brand: Vype

As low as £5.39

Vype Indigo Splash cases offer the client an extravagant mix of both fruity blackcurrant and menthol flavors, serving to both animate and invigorate the sense of taste at the same time. Each case can present to 200 puffs before it needs supplanting, and are accessible in 12mg. Now available at the U.K Vaper Store.

The Vype ePen3 Indigo Dive units are intended for use with the Vype ePen 3 pack as it were. The blend of dim blackcurrant with the super cold menthol make a truly invigorating vape when you breathe in your mouth is topped off with ready blackcurrants pursued by a perfect fresh menthol season. It making a delayed flavor impression that is extremely new and fruity clean leaving a pleasant minty fragrance on exhaling.

These pre-filled cases contain 2ml of e fluid and can be supplanted once empty, so there are no fiddly curl changes or chaotic refilling to battle with. These units have 12mg nicotine quality which considering a smoother throat hit contrasted with high-quality e fluids. Each unit can give roughly give out 200 puffs. While numerous different producers like to adhere to basic flavors, Vype cases will in general offer vapers somewhat more imagination in the taste division – and that is never been more genuine than with these Vype indigo Splash cases.

Jump into the fruity experience of Indigo Dive cartridges for your ePen 3. Mixed with the succulent smoothness of forest blackcurrant and an empowering bit of new peppermint, these cartridges give brilliant flavor profundity and are a decent decision for throughout the day vaping. Vype ePen 3 cases are perfect with the Vype ePen 3 as it were. Every cartridge gives around 200 puffs relying upon use.

The ePen 3 territory joins all extraordinary flavor gatherings, from sweet leafy foods to warm tobacco mixes. Each pack accompanies a pack of 2 units. These cases are intended for use exclusively with the Vype ePen 3, and exploit the case framework that enables you to change units – or even enhances – at a minutes' notice just by popping one out and embedding another one until you hear a tick.


  • For Vype ePen 3 Kit Only
  • Flavor: Blackcurrant, Mint
  • Nicotine Strength: 12mg
  • Pod Capacity: 2ml
  • Two-pack of Indigo Dive ePen 3 Pods
  • Around 200 puffs per cap
  • Each pod contains 2ml e-liquid
  • Only compatible with the Vype ePen 3
More Information
Brands Vype
Sale No
product grid option Pack of 2-12mg Nic
product grid description Blackcurrant, Mint
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