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White Fox Mint Nicotine Pouches

Brand: White Fox

In stock
White Fox Slim Nicotine Pouches

These are the newest nicotine Pouches from gajane, just with this cooling effect of a refreshing mint flavour. The pouches are meant to give you the pleasure right to you in the most effective way.

These are the newest nicotine Pouches from gajane, just with this cooling effect of a refreshing spearmint flavour. The pouches are meant to give you the pleasure right to you in the most effective way.

Nicotine pouches lifesaving nicotine consuming alternative

By means of a substitute for tobacco and nicotine, it includes elements that will give you a vigour pleasure. The sense of taste is familiar to old-style tobacco. Snus along with strong, enriched bergamot and suggestions of pepper. The pouches are proved to be actually beneficial, and they are the utmost authentic and comfy comfortable to use for it. As the pouches are very much well built for the consumption as through the gums, they are absorbed, and very much good sensation is perceived through the consumer in addition to that you will very much love that and that’s a very decent thing to believe that they will never get you out of it.

These nicotine pouches are the best alternative to tobacco-free nicotine consumption and very much convenient to all the traditional approaches of taking nicotine and very much reliable as they lack tobacco and much additional relaxed to use as the oral intake is very easy and not ever slip away as the wrapping is very comfy and gasping as you put it under your top lip and it will give you a boost as you have never experienced before and will be very satisfying as the effect starts doing the job and your gums will start absorbing the nicotine.

Snus, what is it?

To make it familiar to you must know that it is the best tobacco-free substitute for consuming nicotine. The pouches are preserved through pasteurization and distribute the nicotine right through your gums.

Nicotine Strength:  

  • Strength Extra Strong = 16mg

No harmful effects occur like other traditional ways of taking nicotine, e.g. smoking cigarettes through they done much harm to you with toxic materials inside it which with combustion makes you sick from the inside in a manner of time.

The pouches are absorbed through the gums and not by the lungs, so no external liquid as the e-liquids are not used in this process could take 20 minutes; you can absolutely carry it anywhere. Unlike the other products of tobacco companies, this product does not mean to do harm effect on your body and will fulfil your nicotine cravings. You should not take more than 8 servings per day which are recommended, and you know your body well, so it’s up to you, but the recommended quantity is 8.

How to use it?

Put the pouch beneath the lip for up to an hour, the place between your upper lip and teeth. After that, you’ll feel an amazing sensation because the nicotine in pouches will be absorbed by your gums in approx. 10 mins. When after an hour, the effect is gone, take out the pouch to put in the top compartment of the trash container.


  • 1 x Can of White Fox Mint Pouches


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Sale No
Nicotine 16mg
product grid option Strength-Extra Strong
product grid description Fresh Spearmint Flavour
Brands White Fox
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